CV9035DK: The Nordic Gunslinger

No airburst rounds or IRST tracking?.. Shame

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Minor mistake, but they should fix the licences plate. right now the licences plate says that it was imported in 1965.

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The IFV shouldn’t fight MBTs head-on, what a shocker. Sides of anything 9.3+ are squishy enough to be penned.

thats just flat-out wrong. You don’t need to go 100km/h to flank.

Flanking on urban maps is quite easy because most of them have ALOT of streets to drive around and come in from the sides or rear.
Yes, it might not be perfectly viable on every single map, but thats why you build lineups.

It can see some autocannons that don’t have APFSDS and get ~90mm flat pen APDS at best, which its UFP can block, hence them saying some autocannons. some autocannons doesn’t mean “blocking the best autocannons above it’s own BR”

I think you’re being way too pessimistic about this, it’s not like anyone HAS to buy this tank to do anything. Premiums don’t have to be the best at their BR and neither should they be. But Gaijin can never make it right for everyone, either people cry “pay to win” or “not good enough for the money”

Will the 500mm Aegis steel that appeared on the dev server be implemented in the live server? I believe this is the only reason that would prompt me to purchase this premium IFV.

DK is for DaKa DaKa DaKA

It was a bug on dev server, its been fixed

Premium vehicles don’t need to be better.

I don’t mind their only value being RP/SL grind

Obviously you don’t need to go 100km/h to flank and the 9035 is, in the most literal sense of the word, able to drive around the side of things to technically flank them.

However think about major flank routes like the 1-line on Sinai, the beach on Sun City, 7-line on Rhine, the hill and forest on Hurtgen, etc. My point is that, unlike VBCIs/Vilkas’/Foxes/Type 87s, you’re far too slow to reach and exploit flanks like these before an enemy Abrams/Leo 2/T-80 has either beat you there or is in position to deny you access; You rely on the enemy team mistakenly allowing you to flank whereas other IFVs can more proactively push flanks when and where they want. This is why it’s inability to fight MBTs frontally is so relevant, because you’re going to be forced into doing it a lot. You can of course get down-tiered against slower MBTs but that’s extremely unlikely with the 10.0/10.3 black hole.

Yes flanking and ambushing on urban maps, and rural maps like Vietnam, is incredibly easy on paper, but in practice you rely entirely on enemies not using their ears, since if they do it’s guaranteed death. And again because you’re relatively slow a lot of streets can be covered by enemies long before you get there, meaning guaranteed death.

The fact that it can see autocannons without APFSDS is irrelevant because almost every single one, and I did test them all, can pen the turret at 500m+ without it; The only autocannons it might see that even remotely struggle are the AZP-23 and the M168 (Shilka and Machbet). And need I remind you that unlike some contemporaries the CV9035 does not have either an unmanned turret or blow-out panels, and directly behind the weaker (left) side of the turret is the ammo rack.

I do come off as pessimistic but you would too if you’d played over 200 games in the 9030FIN, which is what the 9035 will be very similar too, not the 9040s. And here’s the thing: I like the 9030FIN and even do decently in it, but that’s because I understand how objectively terrible at almost everything it is and play accordingly - It’s a glorified scout. I’m not saying every premium has to be king of the meta, I just want people to be aware of what it is they’re spending their money on. If you like CV90s and want to complete your collection then go ahead, but if you’re looking for something to grind Sweden with or generally farm SL then it’s an extremely poor choice.

If it would stay same rank as CV 90105 i was considering buying it to enhance the 10.0 grinding lineup, but now its worthless to me.

What BR is it?

The BR doesnt matter, the rank matters to me. Now i cant use it to grind rank VIII for full RP with it, so its basically worthless to me. But its 9.7

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1 line on Sinai is very risky with anything; Sun City has several corridors to flank, not just the beach that basically traps you on a silver plate against people that arent stupid; Same for Rhine, full of corridors to flank through, especially in the middle of the map. Northern forest on Hürtgen is a gamble in anything as a single early person with good aim can shut down any attempt to go there, and for the southern vegetables you dont need to be super fast. Also, a bunch of those positions you mention, MBTs would be similarly quick to get there as those wheeled tanks anyway because of the terrain.

Honestly, if MBTs commit to flanks, you’ll frontally fight them in a Vilkas, VBC-I, Type87 etc too. the speed advantage isn’t significant enough anymore at top tier to matter alot. that’s why imo flanking in urban combat with (often indirect) support from your team is easier at top tier. big open flanks are just death zones against competent players (or the inevitable heli around minute 3 or 4).

in urban flanking you can rely on a teammate being nearby so the enemy is occupied. hearing you doesn’t do much good for them if turning towards you means 120mm APFDS through their hull or turret side. They don’t even need to be good teammates, usually them just existing is enough of a threat to help.

Also there’s alot of spots on most maps with urban areas where you can just stand still / turn off your engine and shred some people passing by through common paths. for this autocannons are a little better since the risk of whiffing a shot and being unable to disable the tank running by is alot lower.

honestly, most urban areas in WT have ALOT of roads and corridors you can go through, and very rarely does a team split up perfectly and cover all of them. plus, again, even wheeled tanks aren’t usually fast enough to prevent that, especially because they can have severe problems with tight spaces in those areas.

honestly, i only now checked and I did not realize how weak the turret is without the extra armour. I’ll give you that one. my mistake.

I only played the 9040s alot when it comes to swedish ifvs, but I did play alot of Type89 up to the 11.0 lineup, which is pretty similar, even having a 35mm with just APDS instead of a 30mm on the 9030 (I rarely use the missiles ever since it lost the ability to fire on the move) and I don’t think the 9035 will have that much trouble.

that’s almost every IFV up there. there is little reason to play any of them over an MBT other than for fun. they sacrifice alot just to have a little anti-air capability, scouting and dealing with multiple light vehicles at once better due to a high fire rate.

people should be aware that premiums are always just fun choices and be happy if it turns out to be a meta one too. that goes for every premium, not just this one.

Could you take a look at this?
Lots of information in the comments as well.

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