Customizable flag on ship

Hello everyone !

Recently gaijin added customizable flag on ship.
This a good news cause this is a new thing that we can customize.

But i want that they add an option to disable it for yourself.
Why will tell me ?
Cause if i dont know wich ship i’m going to shoot, i am looking at the flag to know exactly the nation of the ship and after i know what i am looking at and were to shoot.

For exemple if its a Settsu or a Westfallen

I’d just like an option like this.

Thank you



I think a better solution would be to limit nations to flags from that nation. I.e. German ships can only use German flags, Italian ships can only use Italian flags etc.

You cant cause there are pirat flags, squeletons, …


I think this is a good idea, as long as it’s off by default.

I do think Gaijin’s selection of pirate flags is nice, at least :P

Instead of having decal, we could have streamer flag ahah

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I mean… you can’t tell if a ship is a Settsu or a Westfalen via ship recognition, but you can see their 100cm flags from 8,000m away?



White - red. You see ?
Why the F are you always wanted search the little bug everywhere ?
Its like when players ask for a new gamemode and when a player make him everyone say that will not work for no reason.

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Honestly, not a bad idea. It’d be nice to have more flags for smaller/sillier nations as well, such as Lichtenstein, Sealand, or Molossia!

In terms of flags, I don’t see a single thing lmao

But I do see two completely different ships with completely different masts, length, funnels, bows, sterns and superstructures

Maybe it’s just a me issue I guess

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You are bothering me …
In battle, at long distance, when he is alone, HOW DO YOU GET THE DIFFERENCE ?!

Is there really enough of a difference between the two that it matters, anyways?

Armor ? AA gun ? Secondary gun ?

What I mean is- how can you presumably see and distinguish 2 pixel sized flags from ranges where they are barely (if any at all) visible, but not make out the entireties of the ships?

I think you are nitpicking on a non-issue with all of this

I’ll bite and say armor isn’t that much of a matter, pretty similar on both plus Settsu has two less turrets if you’re looking close enough to see flags anyways

The AA of both is lacking anyways given they’re WW1 battleships, so…?

Settsu and westfalen was an EXEMPLE.
There still other ships as like 1939 & the french one.
I just ask to add an option. Is that too hard ?
You can add realism too.

I don’t think anyone would appreciate spending 200 GE on custom flags for others to see only for others to “want the option” to “just disable” this new feature.

If anything, they should work the same way as skins/decals, with fictional/semi-historical/historical settings.

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Ohhh, You are very cute. So, why on my tank i cannot put USA, russian, … on my japanese tank or planes ?
Why i bought a skin 50GJN that is fictionnal but players cannot see them because player do no want to see them ?

When gaijin will put animes skins on ship i’ll but only semi historical.
But for ship, i do not want to see pirate flag or italian flag on a russian ship.

Then, just as I said, the flags may abide by the historical/semi-historical/fictional filter and there’s no additional feature or mechanic needed specifically for them.

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