Congratulations Gaijin!

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Chat was turned off due to events in Russia. It has been turned off before. It will be back.


there is still a pre-set chat function which has almost anything you would need to say and im pretty sure it auto translates


Chat was turned off because terminally online people became political in a video game so much so that disabling chat was less labor intensive than dealing with a fraction of the rule violators.
Use map commands in ground, use pre-sets.


maybe if the video game kept away from politics and not being biased would be good

Excellent! Attack the D point!

Can you help me find the preset for “Spawn campers, your best bet is to dive. Do not engage”

But I do agree! It’s a splendid move and I fully support our Molluscian Masters. I think it’s rather improved my score too, since now I don’t have to worry about my pesky “team” mates and can just focus on getting kills for myself. I may even start spawn camping!



What is bias? Is there bias? What kind of bias? Whose biases are “correct”? Please help!

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If it was biased towards Russia, it would be much more apparent, and not only at top tier.

It’s not Russian bias, it’s confirmation bias.


i didn’t mention any nation’s name, why are you saying Russia now?

Being transparently disingenuous isn’t doing you any favours.

You’re only serving to give more examples of why chat was removed.

Funny how they pick and choose when to allow politics into the game.

Delusional tbh. Your argument is that the current level of RussianBias™ isn’t obvious enough, so it must be imagined? Have a day off.


Politics are never allowed. In this case, your comment is bringing in politics, and a point in favour of removing chat.

Removing in game chat because of world events is literally them bringing politics into the game. Why do they only remove chat for “some” world events? RussianBias™


No, that is literally preventing players from bringing in politics. But given the rest of your comment, it does seem to be a concept you struggle with.

Your posts do make for a stellar argument towards removing text chat entirely though, so I suppose they have some use.


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Impossible! I would never, in the old era, say things like “I’m hitting the left base, come after me” or “Hey that Ki-44 is gonna pounce on you” or “Can I get some cover for ground pounding?” or “B-25, dive toward me so I can cover you”

Such things represent “team” playing or some kind of cooperation. This is a new era! We don’t need such silliness anymore! I feel liberated!

From now I will only say “Negative”, “Excellent!” “Well Done!” and “I refuse!”


GMs deal with tens of thousands of reports as it is, so hundreds of thousands would be insane…

AFAIK tho, Squad chat should still be enabled, unless something changed