CM Covert Disclosures: What We’re Up To & News

The devs are fixating on issues nobody cares about.roll back the map damage they have caused in the last year and fux rotation ,sort the graphics out on trees ,they look awful

It would also increase too whenever gaijin adds a new rank so we would end up with potentially 15% per nation (I don’t think we’ll see above rank 10) although I do also agree that it could maybe be a bit higher I don’t see gaijin doing anymore than 3% per rank because for example that would leave me with a permanent 228% boost on aircraft research. While it would be nice I can’t see it happening.

Seams its Dead
There is the naval Gameplay which is pretty meh at times

Same with repair cost but I think it’s fine currently

But personally I think grind is the Biggest issue
Rewards are low

Rank requirements are nuts given the small tech trees
If a Nation has 4 boats per rank gaijin made sure I need every Single one of them to get anywhere no mater how boring or copy paste it is

That boats are useless outside of Naval besides costum maps also doesn’t Help

So in conclusion it’s way to grindy but people don’t even care to complain they just move on to something else or get a premium or event ship
Very similar to Helis(before the research Heli with ground vehicles)

And now it seams to be filed with bots (both the Automated gameplay and gaijins own ) and those few naval players