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Yes finally this is getting fixed.


Hi Team,

When can we see some better sale continuity for Xbox to match what PC has i.e. last sale was not reflected on Xbox at all for packs and we missed out on sales for the packs being removed which was a bummer as some of those packs never received a sale on Xbox at all before removal.

Next is there any work on getting some kind of way to get marketplace access for console or another function made available for converting coupons into other vehicles or camouflages as the current system which either only gives warbonds or nothing at all is literally terrible. It gives back almost no value for the items we want to trade especially for items we already own and cannot be used.

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It is glad to see my suggestion of BEE7 will be implemented.

Another suggestion is adding M774 for China M60A3 TTS. Will it possible to be added in the next major update? Here is the report link:

Suggest M774 to M60A3TTS(CN) // // Issues

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Microsoft handles sales.
Much like Steam, developer/publishers can opt-into the sales, and give percentages, but they can’t control when those sales occur normally.

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Sorry I was confused, I thought it was part on the roadmap for the ground vehicle damage model changes.

This is what I meant. I was wrong, but still they need to buff the Abram’s.

In the picture you have shown, it is evident that 2S38 is equipped with ammunition from an automatic feeder with a capacity of 148 rounds. Therefore, please tell me why 2S38 needs to move ammunition after 20 shots in the game? Where to move from? Which passenger is handling it? What is the reason why you have refined the structure but remain silent on this issue? I’m curious if you would choose to change 20 to 148 or continue pretending not to see the elephant in the room (even if you know 20 is wrong). This “selective restoration” is actually the greatest humiliation to the authenticity and historical significance that you have always emphasized

Tell Microsoft to stop being a-holes.

What mechanic should replace it in sim?

Ah yes, kill the game mode to have zero players.
20 minute queue for a 5 minute match.
“Just add AI.” AI overhaul is necessary.

I want the commander back in ground battles… It could help people not camp as much and actually play the objective.

Separate BR for various game modes is a big one as I am tired of seeing my favourite CAS being hiked up due to success in ARB.Can anything be done about M109 spam at 6BR? 6BR really does have a WW2 canon despite what others say.Can we stop at 6BR ,make all upto and including 6BR WW2 then have another 6BR with all the post war stuff? Era separation is so much more than personal taste now ,playing WW2 tanks with modern vehicles is just no fun and free of immersion which is a big part of any game as its all role play to a degree and the M109 really is unwelcome ,a real blot on the immersion landscape.Abandoning immersion was a real mistake on warthunders part as it was a big plus in early BRs ,why celebrate war heroes then abandon WW2 as area of immersion and enjoyment? Whole 5-7 BR feels wrong to anybody who plays for fun rather than scorekeeping.

Hidden profile begging for arcade era separation.

Realism & immersion > unbalanced nonsense.

Vehicle capabilities matter far more than some unrealistic war game where 1945 vehicles somehow never have a chance of facing vehicles from 1955 when that’s unimmersive as well.
Real wars have been fought with larger disparities.
The howitzer is from 1910, the modern howitzer design was made in the 1930s.

Honestly sick of anti-realism arguments trying to destroy War Thunder with their constant “Germany could’ve won WW2” arguments.


This is not what is holding it up at all and Gaijin has yet to confirm what issues do hold sales. i.e. so far Gaijin has said things that were not true about pack quantity limitations on the Xbox store i.e. no more than 5 packs on sale at a time which is disproven by other games listing more than 5 and now this year we have had sales on Xbox finally having more than 10 packs on sale at once.

They are really tight lipped about what the issues are and all I can guess it is due to a agreement they have with Sony since it launched there before Xbox. I cannot confirm this and doubt anyone can as it probably is part of the agreement to not disclose anything.

Lets take on the forums resident clown.I quite clearly stated why I and so many others think immersion is important.its a huge part of why adults game in the first place and I am baffled as to why Gaijin sought abandon it in order to make Warthunder an ultra competitive stat based shooter and all with the full support(of course) of people like you. One poor fool goes out of their way to recreate a Tiger tank exactly how it was then another clown just dumps a 60s tank in along side it.Pure stupidity and a realism game killer.Canon destroying,meta befuddling rubbish. I know you must defend all that is Gaijin but you are helping to destroy this game here so please just shut up and trot off.

I’m glad War Thunder is a realistic immersive war game simulator, and NOT an “ultra competitive stat based shooter”, cause such a War Thunder would be terrible.

Yes, War Thunder’s realistic simulation has support from EVERYONE that loves realism.
Realism > stat based arcadey nonsense.
Process harder.
Realism > your post’s demands, all day every day.

Not sure why you claim that everyone that loves realism is bad.
Not sure why your posts portray you as hating realism and opposite of reality.

You hid your profile, and your posts contain trolling language and derail topics with insults toward everyone that loves realism and immersion.

Honestly the way we’ve got this whole heap of ‘You’re wrong’ and ‘dismissive’ trolls on the forum, there’s a significant issue that needs to be addressed, as it’s not being addressed properly and it leads to situations developing which shouldn’t even be a thing with our EULA that we agreed to…

I don’t feel safe around these sorts.


You should feel safe, all they can do is post provocations at us.


I should, but the fact that moderators aren’t stepping in to quell them, or to actually get rid of those who are causing this it gets stupid.

I had the EULA posted up a clause about disrupting the community being a reason to breach… I should’ve taken it as a threat in the first place, but I didn’t… And now I recognize that it was.

Its not by any means and people like are preventing it from being one.