Cluster Bombs missing

ok so in Dev Server i think the Cluster Bombs are missing in the upcoming update and i am thinking about adding them in the next update and i am guessing it would be very usefull in mixed battles for everyone even bomber pilots

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generally they are not implemented.
Especially more modern ones with anti tank/multi purpose bomblets could be very usefull. Otherwise they are similary useless as napalm bombs in ground battles.
Also server lag, if you want to model accurately hundreths of bomblets trying to target stuff.

So mostly a wait and see thing.
Unlike the nukes the F105 and stuff could carry or more modern strategic bombers (since the gameplay isn’t suitable atm)

+1 This is indeed a massive gap in the game.

Have in mind that cluster bombs as anti-tank weapon were in use in WW2 - just gopgle AB 250 or AB 500 with SD4 HL. Highly effective vs tanks, but despite several suggestions from the community, gaijin refuses to implement them - despite they were used by almost all German fighters & bombers - even against cities like London or Antwerp with SD2 / SD 10 load outs…

Imho the refusal is just based on the fact that the USSR counterpart PTAB was almost useless against heavy armor (despite reports of being extremely effective vs soft targets) - and they used millions of them.

Kill claims vs German MBTs with PTABs were usually on the same level of reliability like the kill USSR kill claims of the tank battle of Prokorovka (12.07.43) - they claimed to have killed several hundred German tanks at this day - but they killed actually 5 and lost ~200 - a 40:1 kill ratio for the Germans.

Tbh - i fully understand those inflated USSR claims as the alternative was obviously either get shot or transferred to a Gulag those days…

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