Classify the 2S38 as an SPAA and restrict its APFSDS ammo count

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I was so gonna put this but I knew he’d be spewing on me if I did…

I think context clues can be used to understand what this thread is addressing.

The fact of 2 threads within 5 minutes about the same thing from you means you died from it just before.

I don’t need a cookie, but you should take note that you’re not doing yourself any favours by complaining about how it’s always about Gaijins bottom line.

You just got got.

There is no justification for the continued imbalance of the 2S38 besides its value as a premium vehicle for Gaijin.


Is that just because you died to it just before?

Bet you died to it again because you used a backup and headed straight back to try and get it as revenge…


At least he does make it rather easy to find the context if you decide to look for it.

9/10 times you can just look at the last battle he played before the thread was made.

But it would help a lot if the server replay was just linked instead

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I’ve died many times to the 2S38.


If it makes you feel any better, i will go use my A6E and drop some space GBUs on some 2S38s

an lesser evil to rid of a greater evil eh?

Giving it the spaa allocation isn’t a nerf, its a buff to 70sp. If anything you would see a lot more of them early game in an attempt to earn enough sp for cas.


Personally i would much rather see Otomatic go down to 10.3, Give more APFSDS rounds and fix the model on it.


Thing is,2S38 aint even OP. Its actually quite mid vehicle. Its only strong against hovering helis or planes flying straight with its lock and HEVT.


What i hate on 2S38 is the annoying massive fuel tank in front that will stop a lots of thinks. There are few more things like huge spap of it because it is premium or the fact that because it is a premium vehicles it pretty much dodge any BR cahnges like any other premium vehicles. Just some rare cases premium vehicle get put up in BR when Gaijin relies that it put it way to low like with Su-25K and PT-76-57

this thread kinda makes me want to buy the 2S38 now lol