Chinese wrong and bad translation of "titles"

I dont know why gaijin change the translation of this kind of titles on China models.Before,the translation is “云麾勋章勋位骑士”,i think it is very correct and good translation about its English name in Chinese.But i dont know when they change the translation,it become "云麾勋章受章者“.This translation is very wrong and show poor chinese.Does gaijin now use AI to translate chinese ?The original word of English word “cavalier” is just “骑士” in Chinese.And "骑士"also means some gentle mans in Chinese culture.I think it is very good translation.But now "受章者"only means “The Recipient”.This cool title in Chinese now totally become stupid and normal now.Other some models about China also changed from “骑士” to be “受章者”,but Japanese and English French not changed yet,is still “骑士”.I dont know why gaijin do this stupid thing.They should quickly delete these shit name on Chinese models.