Chinese players all over the servers

Im not trying to be racist but, could we get chinese players out of the game? Or give them their own servers once again?
Or even better, chinese only matchmaking.
They are not so friendly and spread propaganda, use hacks, and they love to flood the chat with discussions noone can understand.
Gaijin could do something about it, because most of the community can´t speak mandarin and their names are propagating the ccp. Oh and dont let me get started about their vehicles, because they slap every chinese decal, to show how great is china.
I translated what they were saying and they were talking about how America is bad and other anti western propaganda things and how china is perfect.
Sadly i dont have acces to those messages because i forgot to take pictures of it and the match is now innacesible because it was few minutes before sons of attila update launched.
But if i see any other chinaman doing this i will send it to forums.


Funny story I spoke with someone ingame who told me they were chinense. I asked why they did not play on the SA server since noone understood when he spoke Mandarin in the chat. He said that he only played on the EU/NA servers, and with his buddies because they were easier to play on, because there were more players on the SA server who were really good than on the EU/NA. Thought that was weird, but maybe that gives a little insight.

We are an international game and community, such requirement is offensive to specific player base.

If you meet with whoever using illegal modification or software to hack in game, please use proper method to report them. And if you meet with some players using inapprieciate nickname, please report them as well, no matter where they come from.

Any texts about politics and racistics in game chat is against our game rule, please report them as well.

And please do not post any screenshot as your stated in this post, because it is against our forum rule. Every player have their privacy, respect is the best way to improve the community.

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