Chinese guided bomb, Air to surface/ship missile, History, Performance & Discussion

Very helpful information, I ve been impressed too. Just hope that the developers could pay a little more attention to historical and not sensitive information we Chinese people post on the forum, and stop just ignoring them by “not a bugging”

I found a thread in Game Discussion that you may be interested in:


I tend to believe that the LT-2 has been renamed into LS-500J and further renamed into GB-500/GB-1 after its mid-life upgrade (LS-500J改进型).
LT-2 was the sole 500kg-class bomb in its family. After its mid-life upgrade in the 2010s with a different nose design featuring all the 2nd gen features you mentioned, and went into service in 2016ish.
The technology found on the upgraded LS-500J found its way onto other bombs of the 250 and 1000kg class, creating the GB-series. This explains the uncanny similarity between the rest of the LT-2 and GB500 outside of the seeker head.

So yeah, the LS-500J featured in game was the 1st generation model from 2003 (aka LT-2) and not the updated 2nd generation LS-500 model (aka GB-500). This is incorrect and they should receive the updated model instead, ESPECIALLY when a recent datamine showed they’ve renamed the LS-500J to GB-500:

TLDR: just change the current bombs on the JH-7 to the GB series and call it a day. They are already renaming them.

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Here’s an older 250-2 HE bomb that’s using PETN (太安).

Can’t find info about the 250-3 and 250-4 bombs though.


Found this but I can’t extract the text to translate any of the markings:
250-3 Bombs

These markings say anything?

EDIT: also I can bug report the 250-2’s then if they use PETN. In game they are marked as TNT, PETN should be a 1.24 TNT kg/kg ratio so instead of 97 kg of TNT it should now be 120.28 kg of TNT equivalent.


On both the 250-3 and 500-3, it says ‘booster charge’.




It says 梯 which means TNT.

Thanks God! GAIJIN has finally corrected some names for Chinese guided bombs, but there is still an incorrect name.

My post introduced the differences between LT-2 and GB500(GB1), as they use different guidance heads and even have different research and development companies.

The GB500 in the game is an incorrect name, its correct name is LT-2. At the latest, when it was exhibited at the 2012 Zhuhai Air Show, its name was still LT-2.

afterwards, LT-2 will no longer be displayed at the Zhuhai Air Show, but the GB500(GB1), which uses the second-generation guide head, is an upgraded version of LT-2.


Anyone know the name of this bomb (Left one)

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I expect gajin consider LS-6 series guided bomb on JH-7A in first major update or second major update 2024

We would need a new mechanic for GPS guided bombs in order to use it.

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Is this LT-2?

Do you have any good info on the C-704? I find this to be the most interesting of air to ground weapons as it seems to be the most plausible to come to the game, and yet I’m not really sure what planes could mount it…



F-7BGI with LS-6

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I haven’t finished writing my post yet, and I will continue to supplement information on the C/CM series missiles later.

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Does anyone have proof the the JH-7A could carry the C-704 type missles? Currently this picture is all I have to show that it an intended mounting option


Anyone know what are these objects dropped from the jet?(F-7MB)

A great topic, details of the missiles can be added.