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pl5c is coming but it seems to be all-aspect

powerful but not real :( i hope gaijin will give PL5E but not PL5C

I don’t think it’s wrong.

it’s not sure the all-aspect or rear-aspect for PL5C so gaijin may nerf it, the best way is use PL5E

PL-5E is export of PL-5C … same missile

dude the E in PL5E is not export but a upgrade

edit: ive checked it’s the export

I think people are confusing the base PL-5E with the PL-5EII which would have a seeker equivalent too the Aim-9M/R-73 too my understanding atleast. What I can figure out is where the PL-5C/E sit in terms of performance but I’ve seen a mix of claims at this point, all I know is that they should be improved in some way over the B

It’s still confusing too me and I whish we had the stats of the PL-5C datamined too see what gajjin thought of the missle.

yeah it confuse me now, PL5E is used by JF17 and it’s all-aspect, and PL5C is used by J6/J7/J8/JH7 or some else but not sure it’s all or rear-aspect, someone said it’s just a PL5B but active quicker after it been launched and someone said it’s as same as PL5E

That what I thought too, that it was just a slightly improved B version, but then some Chinese guy sent me an article and it made the claim that the C and the E are equivalent. So I guess it makes the most since that it’s probably gonna be a all aspect seeker. With any luck the seeker might have 9L prefromance so it has a decent chance too ignore flairs

I might hope gaijin consider PL-5C replacement PL-5B and PL-2 replace by PL-8 on J-7E & increase BR higher 11.0 this year

That should be PL-5EII.J-7s and JH-7s can use PL-5E.Modernised J-7s can use PL-5EII

E2 is a upgrade from E, there’s no conflict between using the E or E2

plz dont ask PL8 for J7E! PL5is enough! i dont want see the F16C when im in the J7E!

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+1 💀

Actually 6 aircraft mounted PL-8

I don’t mind gajin increase Air RB & Air SB to 11.3 or 11.7 BR. for J-7E

J-8B could get PL-8

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Yes but I dont think JH-7s ever used PL-5EIIs

export only😁

I guess gajin might consider PL-9 replacement PL-5B on JH-7A in the future but not sure that up to 12.0 BR ?

11.3 is crazy enough it will see the F16C and Mig29SMT/G always, its will be a yummy cookie for them. and the 11.7 is even much crazier that we may see the F15 and SU27 one day. so just dont ask PL8 for J7E and J8B OK? just look how sad those germanymain knew the F4 ICE may be jet come with FOX3, bad FM with OP missiles will make them worse

PL8→PL8B/PL9, PL9 may not allow to take at the place of PL5s