China PLZ83 is Evidence of China Bias

Why China PLZ-83,with the worse mobility,the worse speed,the worse reload time,and the worst just only half TNT of other Self-propelled artilleries in every other country:USA GERMANY RUSSIAN ENGLISH FRENCH JAPAN SWEDEN ISREAL,still at same br at 6.3?

While other nations all HE TNT are 9.14kg,10.12kg,even 10kg ,or 7.5kg TNT with 3 seconds reload time, China only get a shit 5.86kg TNT,and rolad time is still the longest 17.3seconds,at br 6.3,same with them?
Is this equal?is this according to reality fact?Isnt this a totally China Bias from you,russian ?
A 198x made 152mm self-propelled artillery guns best HE shell can only take 5.86kg TNT in it,while some even WW2 tank with 150mm can also fire HE with 8.6kg TNT 14.4second reload time?or while China its own 125MM gun on ZTZ96A/ZTZ99A can also fire 5.45kg TNT in 7.1 second reload?
Is this equal?Is this historical? isnt this really not a China bias again? I know you russian gaijin hate China, always say no relative salty words in nearly every Chinese DEV,such as “this tank is copy on Russian T-72”,“that tank s grandpa is based on russian T72” “that plane looks like F16 or what ,i mean must be a copy USA or Russian things”,even you cant find anything of copy,you still say “JH-7A looks old and out of date”.Russian Man,your Disgusting jealousy and inferiority complex are about to emerge from the screen?
While China indeed has much better newer HE and HE-VT with 7kg TNT even 9kg TNT for 152mm self-propelled artillery guns for export, you just ignore the data and suggestions and just keep giving us a shit 5kg with longer reload and put this shit at br 6.3 same as others .Isnt this a REALLY AWFUL Double Standard CHINA BIAS? How dare you to do this Double standarding and discriminatory thing as a game company ,under everyone with eyes and not blind .We Chinese are not iq50,we know how many unequal and nerfs you give us in this game.


Gaijin,give us the real 7kg TNT 9kg TNT shells like it in reality to PLZ83,end this double stand stupid " The Great Russian Pride Salvation Ceremony "


Awesome research, I really agree with you. The PLZ-83 is a bit dissapointing, I hope Gaijin changes it’s characteristics and give it buffs.

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