China MBT2000 ERA data is totally wrong

Same ERA:
FY-2 on ZTZ59D1 is 120mm KE,370mm CE.
FY-2 on MBT2000 is just 50mm KE,450mm CE.
How can a same ERA on different tank is so different protection data? And China only have FY-2 FY-4 FY-5 these three kinds of ERA on export Tanks . If it is not FY-4 or FY-5 like ZTZ99A,then it must be FY-2,how can FY-2 s KE is just only 50mm?and how can it is so different on different tank,even it is the same ERA?

It’s not FY-2 on ZTZ59D1 for sure, the first plate on the hull is ERA while the second one mounted directly on to the hull is most likely a High Hardness Steel Plate that’s ~4-7cm thick + it’s angled which is why it gives 120mm Kinetic protection where as on the turret the ERA gives only 5mm protection.

Not to mention the ERA on MBT-2000 and ZTZ-59D1 are completely different from each other and the one on ZTZ-59D1 looks very similar to Blazer mounted on M60A3 TTS with event the same stats, whatever the name of ZTZ59D1 Era is, it’s nothing more than a Blazer copy and it’s not FY-2.

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