China JH-7A lack a lot of things

they legit just did that huh (newest shooting range episode btw)
kinda wonder where kh29t

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jh7a is just f16c fodder, that thing a terrorist in ground rb with its smokeless aim9s gbus and mavericks

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Its common practice now for f14b and f16c to spawn early and utterly dominate the skies. jh7a has absolutely no chance thanks in part to its terribly gimped aam load with zero irccm and lack of standoff or fire and forget munitions

Almost like it was designed to be an anti-ship fighter bomber, not assume air superiority roles.

Its using gimped versions of the ir missiles it uses irl. In warthunder strike/cas aircraft like this with less dogfighting capabilities are compensated with better missiles like su25ts a10s harriers etc. Its a strike aircraft being artificially nerfed to assume a br where china has no ground lineup LOL. Gaijin really done messed up with the jh7a


I was shocked as well lol

It’s a good jet but id argue it is at a very wrong BR , both the Q-5L and JH-7 are disgustingly overtiered
If gaijin wants it to stay at 11.7 Atleast give it it’s true ground ordinance CM-802 and kh-29T missiles

it’s at 11.3 but I don’t think any of the strike aircraft we have in the game with their current loadouts should be above 11.0. This goes for the Tornadoes, the Su-25/39, MiG-27, as much as this jet.

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When talking about BR in War Thunder, you have to take into consideration both air and ground battles, the air-to-air performance of the JH-7A is amazing for a fighter bomber, able to match the F-4J at low altitudes. If it’s not 11.3 worthy in GRB, it most definitely is in ARB. (I play it.)

The Q-5L is butchered though.


11.0 is too low for jets like Mig 27 or JH-7A(It can receive better armaments)

Na the BR usually gets bumped up when new weapons get added.

That’s exactly what I meant. When PL-12 gets added to it will be at 12.0 at least

They close my bug report,and say “NOT A BUG”

From my research I believe the jet is very fast at low altitudes but is limited there. Designed for deep strike and to quickly get into range for antishipping and remain as low as observable as possible to get those those missiles off.

Also, it has probably the most powerful engines combined besides the B model tomcat and should have an insane thrust to weight when the fuel burns off as well but does not.