Chi-Nu Prototype - Forgotten Glass Cannon

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TL;DR: The first prototype of the Chi-Nu equipped with a Type 90 75mm field gun.


Note: This is the only picture I could find of this tank. If you have any other significant information, please let me know.


By 1943, it was very clear that Japan’s Ha-Go, Chi-Ha, and Chi-Ha Kai tanks were, quite frankly, obsolete when it came to tank-on-tank combat. This observation was further substantiated upon the reception of information of the relatively new M4 Sherman tank, provided by Germany. Should they be faced with this tank, they would have no appropriate counter. It was evident that development of a new tank was absolutely necessary, however, tank development required time and resources that the Japanese did not have. As such, an expedient project was put into place while more permanent measures were developed. This expedient project would be called the Chi-Nu and was to be based on the hull of the Chi-He, which was developed as an improvement of the Chi-Ha/Chi-Ha Kai. This decision would ensure that the Chi-Nu would share a lot of its parts with its predecessors, thus making it easier to produce. The turret ring of the Chi-He hull would be enlarged, allowing the tank to accept the turret initially designed for the first Chi-Ri. In this turret would be the 75mm Type 3 cannon, developed from the 75mm Type 90 field gun, however, when the time came around to actually construct the Chi-Nu prototype, the Type 3 was either not ready or not present. Short on time and options, it was eventually decided to just put a lightly modified Type 90 into the turret so they could get along with testing. The tank would pass its trials and see up to 166 vehicles produced, though these would not see service as Japan would surrender before they could be used.

Place In War Thunder:

Functionally, the Chi-Nu Prototype is identical to the production Chi-Nu we already have in-game, however, that production Chi-Nu is literally 1 of only 2 of Japan’s 3.3 ground vehicles (In RB). The Chi-Nu Prototype could act as a line-up booster, giving 3.3 Japan more longevity in a battle. Playstyle would be identical to production Chi-Nu, making it a great backup vehicle. Considering the aforementioned, the best place for the Chi-Nu prototype is the tech tree, being either before or foldered with the production Chi-Nu.


Armament: 75mm Type 90 cannon and 2x 7.7mm MGs

Dimensions: 18800kg

Weight: 5.64m, 2.41m, 2.68m (L,W,H)

Armor: Same as Chi-Nu in-game

Crew: 5

Ammunition: Same as Chi-Nu in-game

Speed: 39kph

Horsepower: 240hp


Type 3 Chi-Nu medium tank - Wikipedia

SENSHA: [WT] Type3 Chi-Nu

WW2 Japanese Medium Tanks Archives - Tank Encyclopedia


Looks good why not have it in game +1


More the tree is never a bad thing +1


Chi-Nu is a great tank, so +1

+1. Very strange, that this tank isn’t in game

nice job !!! Type 3 Chi Nu prototype has a special gun sight top of the turret, this design have no see after mass product.


Yes, i’m wondering if this is the same periscope sight that is found on the Ho-Ni I because it also using the same Type 90 field gun.

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Is there any new information about the magnification of those later war AT-gun and tank gun sights?
Maybe we could make a suggestion about changing those to the same 4x sights which Chi-Has use, instead of having copypaste German or Russian sights.

Wait does this look at all different from the Chi-Nu in game?

Yes. The Chi-Nu Prototype lacks a muzzle brake because it uses the Type 90 Field Gun instead of the Type 3 cannon.


While the difference in-game would only be superficial, I feel like this would be a great addition nonetheless to help with lineups and filling out the tree more. +1!

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Absolutely! I feel that the Japanese tree needs some special attention, and perhaps some bending of the rules of which vehicles can be added to it. It is quite sparse and underwhelming in several parts of the tech tree as of now, though we are seeing some improvements, mainly at top tier only so far.


Personally, I’d apply that to any nations that need it. I’m in favor of vehicles like the WZ111 or 44M Tas, which while not fully complete, can fill out roles in their respective trees.