Cheating in Air Sim


Lately I noticed an increasing amount of people with very few game hours raking up many, many kills in air sim, especially at higher tiers, where you have access to missiles. Everyone that play sim knows how hard it is to get good at it, so it’s very unlikely that someone who’s fresh to the game can immediately destroy a lobby. Also, those players tend to react to things they cant see, like ir missiles launched at them from behind and below, as they can clearly see things they are not supposed to be able to see. Some people I talked to say that there are people using audio mods to get missile alerts, while I think they simply have some kind of wallhack that allows them to see where players are, so they dont have to rely on radar or eye to detect anyone, making it incredibly easy for them to missile down other players and never or almost never get killed because of their superior awareness granted by external softwares/glitches or whatever it might be.

Personally I havent seen this all-knowing players at lower tiers where you need to actually aim the plane (and so knowledge of enemy positions isnt enough, while still very usefull) while they flourish in the upper echelons of the game. It got to the point where it’s becoming increasingly common to find them and it’s really screwing the game for everyone else.


good that you open the topic.

in this forum here always abuse is presented as the biggest offence and aimbots, wallhacks somehow forgiven.
there were even Gaijin loyal VIP players who claimed here hacks in War Thunder are not possible at all…
it could even be that some CM comes and closes the topic here.

as for the hacks themselves. yes this is a big problem in all online games. of course in war thunder too.
but it’s hard and takes a lot of effort to prove hacks.

sometimes situations feel like hacks. for example, some people are playing together in discord and one warns the other about a missile. you wonder how the hell did he do that?
…but yes aimbots, wallhack is a real problem that needs to be talked about urgently without getting stalled again.


It might be those guys who used to use bots in Air RB to grind faster and now switching to SIM because of Gaijin’s new policy to stop botting. They cheat in Ground RB too. And I must say that there is an influx of the number cheaters in the game. They cheat to grind fast and sell the accounts. Gaijin must take necessary steps to stop this.


I don’t know if I’ve ever encountered someone that appears to have some kind of Wall-hack in ASB. Though I play at a tier where almost everyone has a radar that is bascially a wall-hack to begin with.

But I am aware of the audio mods. (I use an audio mod, and whilst its not designed to give you an advantage in anyway, more just make the game sound nicer, I can definetly see how it could be exploited)

The other thing is script bots. I actually encountered 1 in EC9 the other day (thank you Gaijin for actually adding a way to report in game now, so much better) suicide dive bombing an AF in a premium F4. They are the real people that I want to see get addressed first. They really do ruin SB (all the bad economy we’ve had over the years, is to address them)


This is the answer. It’s even on Youtube (ESP).

I have hundreds of hours of SB gameplay with full setup, sometimes I play and “tryhard” and yet people with horrendous flight skills and stats somehow find me even when I setup obvious bait, like flying to edge of map at 0m alt, they just appear. coming straight at me.

If u watch server-side replays, u can see them straight BEE LINE to your position as if vectored in perfectly. They also don’t even have HOTAS most of the time as there plane is bouncing from keyboard/vjoy overrides yet know exactly where to look and go every time. (For example, you can out dogfight them with f4j and they are in mig23ML bouncing up and down)

This also plays into your part 2, they don’t go in low tiers because they can’t aim or actually dogfight. With missiles in SB, since visual acuity is so bad, all they need to do is b-line your position and fire missiles with all aspect, 99% of time you won’t see it as they come from below randomly.

Outside of cheaters like this, there are people who join your team and spectate to give information to enemy, u will see them with parachute symbol all the time j’ing out.


In the game since 2016, I have seen with my own eyes cheats that allow you to fly an airplane like in ARB using third-party programs, so I have no doubt that your post is a lie, cheats exist and this is a fact + they are usually private

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Uh… He’s not saying cheats DONT exist. Hes saying that they DO exist and they are becoming more common.


Naturally they will be drawn to the game mode their 3rd party assistance helps the most. That’s primarily why I stick to RB even though I’ve played alot of Il2: cliffs of dover and greatest battles 1942 etc.

At least in ARB we’re on the same footing with 360 degree awareness.
I played a couple of matches in GSB last night for the first time. did ok, but yes some very insane aware players instant shooting second you peek out from long distance whether behind a hill, through trees/bushes whatever. I just rolled my eyes went back to GRB.

vr headsets can lock on to you in air sim. i had a person who said he ha vr and was using it.

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It’s called HMD. Possible with a number of jets, just easier with VR


In 2018 The Gladiators tournament, people were caught cheating and banned because of using 3rd person and virtual cabin (the see through one) via server-replay as it showed up there. it’s 100% real as you say.

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Some people are flying with open cockpit to hear missiles and passing planes. I think this is abuse and has nothing to do with skill.
Now when the event started there is many lobbies, there is plenty of people you have mentioned. They using planes with unguided rockets to destroy airfields. Premium, non-premium planes, doesn’t matter if they don’t care about SL.
Sometimes these players shorten such a battle to 1-1.5 hours and then it is difficult to achieve good results in such a short battle.


this topic is about hacks like aimbot and wallhack. not about abuse and farming

bot scripts that allow you to fly sorties on autopilot, which im fairly certain many of those farmers are doing, is the same thing

Anyway this topic is going to be deleted or locked ;)

the problem is the not legal hacks. if someone is a farmer or not I don’t care. of course someone who uses hacks will get many kills and many lions. the problem is the hacks.

3.2.1.deleted :) will certainly not be long now.

Whats HMD?

Helmet Mounted Display.

But those script botters are the reason why gaijin made the economy so bad in SB. Yes hacks are bad, but they are just as bad