Cheat Infestation

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Cheaters now have the upper hand.

Even Ubisoft has given up on a very invasive AC called Battle Eye.

Yep, so sick of these turds, Gaijin has to WANT to eliminate these players and it looks like their NOT 100% committed.


unfortunately it feels like they are not as pro-active as they should, banning a few thousand of players every other month is not enough as they rebuy a prem and start playing again, which is extra revenue for Gaijin. I don’t think they are playing this kind of tactic, but some devs done it in the past, hopefully the situation will improve and no longer turn blind eye to the amount of cheaters in-game per match.

Every other day i rewatch my GRB games and find 3-5 obvious ones/match and few that are only sus and maybe using radar/esp only not just aimbot

They’re at it again…

ESP and AIMBot users doing crazy shots from over 1.5kms…


So it is possiable to be shot 1.5 km away alot of videos that show it buts its not easily done