Chat ban

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Not a joke. There is no excuse.

If you report them, they will be reviewed by moderators.

No, you committed an offence therefore you are punished, no exceptions, they don’t know if you are a nice guy and won’t do it again, you have to stick out your punishment


ok i think thats fair ty have a good day’

and uh ty for reveiwing bro its my bad

You too, just don’t offend again and you will be fine

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at least im not as bad as a avrage wt chat person

becasue i most the time say i dont mean it or sry then someone just spams the n word outa no ware lol

well gl on your job sir seya have a good one

Pretty much this… you have to learn from your punishment…

You are already in PM with a GM and my self, things have already been explained