Chaparral is skip-material

In War Thunder the Chaparral lacks its radar. Honestly, the Machbet is already a huge pain to play because it too had its radar removed, but I think it’s still a much better alternative to the Chaparral in pretty much every aspect aside from engaging helicopters for which it lacks the range (not that the Chaparral will lock on a Ka-52 hovering 9km away but ok).
Now the Chaparral had its missiles’ gimbals locked. Meaning the Chaparral now also lost the ability to shoot down low flying jets.
Of course, the thermals will help to an extent, but it still requires the player to actively observe a much larger area than his adversaries (aircraft), leaving SPAA more vulnerable than they already are.

Gaijin, this SPAA is going to suck b*lls. Why don’t you address the real SPAA problem and just give Israel the real SPAA - ADAMS and Spyder, both of which are long overdue since their Russian counterpart is already in game.
Otherwise, just give the Chaparral, Machbet, and Hovet, their search radars.

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