Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

I have way more fun playing the Cheiftain tbh, I’d rather play my leclerc’s or leopards any day, i personally think the abrams are decent especially with the 5 second reload. If i was going to put it in a list of top tier mbts i have played from best to worst it’d easily be the Leo’s, T80s, Abrams, leclerc’s then the challenger 2s last, however if i was to go from my opinion on the vehicles abilities from what I’ve seen it’d be leopards, t80s, type 10s, Abrams, VT4, Merkava, leclerc’s, challenger 2, Ariete’s.

Challenger 2 LEP and Challenger 3 are the same programme. That’s half the problem unfortunately, they decided to rename it due to the new turret :shrug:

Kind of a change of pace here but I found it really funny that the camo net over the box with the banana Easter egg on it actually features a better texture than the netting on the Challenger 2F or TES as they appear in game.

Easter Egg

In game



It is the same tank, but from a different time. The one we have in game is from 2019, The one named Cr3 is from 2021. 2019 one was still a Cr2 LEP.

I mean a big part of that was the clearly misleading assumption myself and others made that akin to the 2E, we would get mantlet armour as the sight being in the way is no excuse.

And that we would also get the features of a service vehicle rather than everything making it an upgrade being removed.


Hi guys been on holiday to the tank museum. It was epic.


It’s in much better condition than V9 that’s for sure

It’s not worth it, my friend. :(

I asked the commander of CR2 some questions about loading:
There are 4 charge bins on the loaders foot plate called the ready round bin. You have two types of charges, one for fin rounds (KE - kinetic energy, which is a long orange cylinder, plastic in feel) and then bag charges for HESH/Smoke (called CE rounds in general meaning chemical energy as they contain explosive material). Bag charges are semi circular. So you can fit two bag charges in every bin, but only one fin charge. That means you can choose what to have easily avaliable.

The projectiles are stored separately, on the turret floor if HESH/Smoke and in projectile racks to the back of the turret, quite high, similar to where you’d grab rounds from for Abrams/Leopard 2.

Rule of thumb, rate of fire is 10 rounds a minute for the first minute, then 6 rounds a minute after that. Loading speed can decrease slightly using the rear bins, but every time you stop the loader is moving charges into the ready round bin. So it only matters if you’re constantly engaged for a prolonged period of time. As a point of note I’ve seen a very good crew on ranges have 3 rounds away in about 11 seconds, it’s possible if your loader is good.
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Very interesting fact. I do however believe that reload in WT is purely for balance. It could be used to increase the regen on the ready rack though…

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@l2ulan said that the mark of a good loader was to have 3 HESH rounds in the air at the same time. If course this would be at ranges exceeding 2000m but still. That’s very fast.

What I’m saying is you can fit more than 4. It’s down to the commander based on what he thinks you’ll need to use most of. You could fit 8 HESH bag charges if you liked, with 1 in the gun (taken from the rear charge bins) giving you 3, 3 round engagements ready to go. You usually plan on a 3 round engagement with HESH because it flies in a ballistic arc and uses corrections inputted by the gunner to the fire control system based on where it lands. So it’s like bracketing. If you don’t hit with the third, the commander will call “stop, disengage” to stop wasting ammunition and if needed you start the corrections etc again.

From rear bins, it depends. There are 3 across the back so if the turret isn’t central you can still always get to one. It’s a little slower but not much. Times are hard to say. Depends how tired the loader is. But you need to imagine that at every vehicle stop, or even just having the turret not moving whilst the tank is then you can move charges into the ready round bin. I’d probably say under 8.5 secs if static, you can open the lids first and the charges only weigh a few kilos and aren’t that long given the space in the turret
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Im hearing too much logic and not enough “we believe” for gaijins liking.


Not enough connections to Sweden or Russia for any change to implemented.


and don’t forget that if they find something Russian they could add to the game that most nations dont have something similar too, they’ll add that aswell even though they know other nations cant compete with it.


Pantsir should never have been added, simply because it’s vastly superior to other SPAA in the game, and there is no way to make it fair to other nations. if they had found a SPAA that was more similar in ability to the current SPAA in the game i would have been fine with it, ie no predictive tracking and 15km range max, but in the same patch they made the missile guidance on all SPAA awful they added the best AA to russia, that is the only one that feels like it has pre patch missile guidance, so much so a monkey could play it.


should also mention that when china got the tor they said russia would get it “soon” aswell. but instead they got the pantsir