Challenger 2 is still wrong

The Challenger 2 on DEV server, still has improper ammo positions, and incorrect ERA on the TES.

See the posts here for what they should be:

In short:
Change TES’ side skirt ERA from “ERA” to “ASPRO-HMT”
Change TES’ side skirt ERA from 30MM KE to 84MM KE
Change TES’ side skirt ERA from 400MM CE to Approx 1200MM CE
Change all versions of Challenger 2’s ammo positions to the correct positions outlined in the above post.


If anyone else has any evidence supported posts regarding CR2, that has already been acknowledged by Gaijin, post it here so we can hopefully get CR2 fixed this update

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I really hope that they fix the challenger tank

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Challenger 2 suffers from Gaijin anti-british bias, and the leaks that hit the war thunder.

Everybody knows Challenger 2 is incorrect, and everybody knows it won’t ever be correct, and it seems that Gaijin doesn’t even try to even closely resemble the accurate specifications.


At this point, i’m almost 100% sure you’re right. The TES for example is insane. The 2F side skirt ERA has 30mm and 400mm of protection. The TES’ giant ERA bricks? 30mm and 400mm of protection. The exact same. The gun is the same. Engine is the same. Rounds are the same. MG is the same. Its identical. The only difference is the ERA bricks which have 0 benefit over the lighter 2F.

The 30mm of KE protection is an obvious misinterpretation of the claims that “Armor Shield R” by Rafael provides but thing is - thats not even the armor package!! it’s ASPRO-HMT which is a completely different product.
In reality, ASPRO-HMT is a Stanag 5 product, which means it can defeat 25MM APFSDS from 500m, giving around 84mm or higher of KE protection.

The chemical protection is even more laughable. 400mm? Seriously? That’s not even enough to stop 1970s RPG-7 rounds.

The fact the only difference between TES and 2F is 5.8t in weight is rediculous.

I’ve also recently shown that the ammunition rack locations must’ve been such a copy/paste job.
The turret basket sits ontop of the ammo behind the drivers chair, making it unreachable, there’s ammo stowed by the left ankle of the driver, which would be physically impossible for the gun to reach let alone the driver to even slide out and retrieve.

The whole tank is made up of guesstimates and while thats fine given Challenger 2’s secrecy - some of this shit flies in the face of logic and common sense. It’s borderline deliberate.


@Gunjob I take it it’s pretty much luck of the draw for this kind of thing to be implimented by the developers? No way to push it further to them?

We have an internal report for the TES ERA that I already linked up to your report but as for when that will be actioned I don’t know, apologies.

No worries man, I appreciate it


A similar report was said to be filed over a year ago regarding the Merkava 4 internal ammo bug, the non existent ASPRO-KE, and other armor bugs.
Is this amount of time considered normal? Gaijin once fixed this and reverted it.

Same thing happened with CR2 TES a while ago. CE protection used to be 1800mm which is actually likely accurate. But, was later changed to “generic ERA” and given bogus numbers.

gaijin clearly knows all the errors that exist.
But in order to enhance the Soviet vehicle experience they chose to ignore all that.
Many of the bug reports they have admitted require months or even years to be fixed. It is difficult to imagine a company of this size modifying a simple value or deleting an incorrect model. it will take several months

While I think the “Buffing USSR” thing is a bit of a cop-out, I think the reality of it is more akin to Gaijin focusses more on USA and USSR than they do minor nations, because the major playerbase is in these nations and not playing the others, therefore all their time goes into new shit for the big ones, rather than fixing what they already have to offer a wider variety.

They’re focussed more on adding new content, but are forgetting about their other offerings.

The TES armor though is pretty aggregious. This is something you’d change in a text file. The damage model is there, what they’re changing is just the name to “ASPRO-HMT” and replacing 30 with 84, 400 with 1200. Click save, and done. No new model or anything required.

The ammo problem on CR2 needs more effort but not a whole lot. You could resolve this problem in a day, and I even detailed how, in my forum post.

The Russian Bias thing might have some merit to it, given how often weird shit happens exclusively on Russian vehicles, and how often the nation is in the spotlight for new additions, but I think the answer is more likely that they spend less time fixing major bugs and revising their work than they do adding new exciting content to bury the problems with.

FRECCIA’s camera perspective is wrong, close to the wall and it will rise horizontally. If you are under the bridge, the camera will be above the bridge and you can’t see the content below.
GAIJIN admitted to confirming the BUG 2 months ago, but today they have no repair measures. This is a basic thing that every car has, not some complicated aerodynamic balance. They can last over two months

I just gave up on the Challengers, as I did on the Leclercs. Each is nerfed in so many ways (armor in particular) that they aren’t even worth the effort.

Then there’s also Challenger 2’s 26 seconds for first-order ammorack replenishment speed. 26 seconds, the SLOWEST in Top Tier, when it’s the tank with smallest first-order rack (4 rounds) and most dependant on it too (its first-order rate of fire is one of the VERY few strengths of the tank)… and when the secondary rack is not even 70cm away from it. Does not make sense balance-wise, or realism-wise.


I think there’s a lot of angles to why CR2 is so horribly represented in game.

  1. The documents that were leaked about CR2 pretty much meant that unless you had some solid, undeniable line-by-line evidence for something, Gaijin didn’t want to risk getting in trouble with the MoD for leaking classified documents. It’d be the end of their business.

  2. CR2 is an insane tank IRL, especially for its time. I think with things like reload rate and such, the tank was “nerfed” entirely on the basis of potentially being overpowered at the time it was initally put in. A fact that is no longer true.

  3. Gaijin dedicates a lot of its time to major nations, so UK really falls by the wayside on serious attention to detail. You can see this best with ammo rack positions. They didnt model the hull any different really from CR1.

It’s super unfortunate and I hope one day it’s fixed but…i’d be surprised.