Chad Soviet engineering vs virgin axis fuses

What is this? Seriously,is this some historical document? Some expert analysis? Did they talk like that during WW2? Tell me?
Or is that some random dude making some random statement?

Why Soviet, British, Japanese Swedish, American and French 20mm fuses have 0 issues when exploding while striking Soviet aircraft?
Do you realise MK108 explodes every damn time vs Yak?
Do you realise load-bearing (since Yaks are also semi-monocoque) plywood is way harder and tougher than fabric covering the frame? And I was aiming at the fabric. Gaijin didn’t even bother to modek the frame, since 20mm shells in this game explode reliably anyway…

…unless they are post 2019 M-geschoss.

Also Yak-3 structure is generally not made of anything soft. Plywood on hard wooden supports is tough. If it wasn’t - your Yak would fall apart.

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I have found some biplanes that do not make M-geschoss explode, success!

Oh wait, they are Soviet.

Luckily no problem for other nations’ 20mm:


To sum it up - M-geschoss, Breda 12,7, 30mm HEF, MG131 IAI fail to explode vs plywood aircraft skin.
IMO this is an intended “bug”.
Of course He-162 “benefits” but only on super-rare occasions when it’s getting lit up by Italians.
Which doesn’t happen too often.

There’s 0 reason for the mentioned shells to NOT fuse on plywood skin, which is pretty tough material. There’s also 0 reason for the mentioned shells to have fuse sensitivity set to different value than every other MG and 20mm HE in game. There’s 0 data indicating these fuses were notoriously unreliable compared to competition.

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plywood btw.
I will run tests once home. Theres kinda same topic on IL2Shturmovik forum and it describes plywood for being a good material that could take a punch.

I know Mosquito is made of wood, thank you for your insight. The thing is, it seems to be all set up so Soviet aircraft get additional edge vs German fighters.

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Idk whats with your game.

Either some inconsistency with protection analysis (idk how else it flies straight through on your end) or some bug.

ROFL I have LITERALLY told you MK108 has no issues. Stop responding in this thread, because you are NOT contributing to it in any positive way, due to your limitations.


Your screenshot has it passing right through.

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Show me that screenshot.

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I can only say:


Since WHEN exactly does J7W1 Type 5 30mm use same ammo as MK108?

I even stated clearly Japanese 30mm has problems, not German.

You are clearly trolling at this point.


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I have shown you two results for japanse and german 30mm, open your eyes.

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You little troll, and have you actually taken your time to see what Japanese 30mm shell I used?
Seriously, if this is not trolling, then you’re more dense than uranium.

And you posted Bf 109 K4 30mm hitting the wingspar as a proof of what exactly? Once again - I have clearly said MK108 has no problems.

Wonder why I have written “some” instead of “all Japanese 30mm HE”. Maybe because only SOME types are affected?


EDIT: You can even tell which types are affected just by looking at fuse sensitivity. But WHY BOTHER…

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Yes others will be affected due to having higher fuze sensitivity.



If fuze is high enough, shells wont fuse of Ho229V3 wings for example, which are plywood as well.
It has something to do with plywood and not anything else.

Ns37 not fusing of plywood wing.

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Yes, I’ve already mentioned it’s a problem with plywood, but 99/100 cases are Fw 190/Bf 109/G.55/C.205 firing at Yak-3, La-5, La-7.

You failed to read this. Leave.

Wonder why Gaijin gave mostly axis guns low fuse sensitivity (as in: it takes a hard whack to detonate), if it basically only affects fights against Soviet aircraft?


Plywood isnt exclusive to soviets.
Fuses are a thing you need to find documentation on.
Those documents probably were something Gaijin based it off. If not you re free to do a bug report.
(“omg is this allies bias based on fuse sensitivity omg”)


He-162 being made of plywood makes no difference, since it super-rarely faces broken-fused axis shells and is not popular.
Horton is not popular.
Yak-3 and La-7 are most popular Soviet props and they are MOSTLY shot with MG151/20.

There’s a gigantic scale disparity.

There’s absolutely 0 historical indication of German fuses being inferior to allied, japanese or soviet. 0. Null.

Now, since you didn’t leave, welcome to ignore list, go waste somebody else’s time.


So do you have documentation to prove it otherwise?
Im not suprised of such behavior at all xD.
While italian 20mm round goes through Yak 3 plywood wing, if same rounds hits alluminium wing of Yak 9P it fuses easily. Just how plywood is in the game. Just how axis fuses are in the game.