Chad Soviet engineering vs virgin axis fuses

Edit: The issue had luckily been fixed recently, and the post was flagged by forum trolls.

OK, so this applies to Yak-3, Yak-1, Yak-7, Yak-9, La-5, La-7, Yak-3U, Yak-3VK and probably some other aircraft.
It doesn’t apply to La-9, I-225, I-185.

But what exactly applies?


In short: shells that for some absolutely unknown reason have more than 0,1mm fuse sensitivity, do not explode when striking Soviet aircraft skin, they pass through dealing almost ZERO damage (does not apply to 13mm IAI/HEIT - it deals standard penetrating damage). They do explode if they strike some part or module.
I’ve had a TON of situations where I was landing a decent burst and only AP and IT were doing damge. I thought it was my bad luck.
It apparently wasn’t.
Check it for yourselves.

Why do MG131 HEIT and MG151/20 M-geschoss have higher than 0,1mm fuse sensitivity?
Probably to avoid damaging glorious Soviet machines too much.


To sum it up - if a part of a plane is covered with wood, then it doesn’t engage the fuse. Fabric does so no problem. This greatly favors soviet aircraft and has no basis in reality or logic, since in this game every other 20mm HE has 100% reliable fuses that work regardless of what part of aircraft they hit.


If this was the case you would literally be unable to kill either, but as aguy who plays & used to play these I will say they are not tanky they cwn be easily oneshotted after buff to autocannons. Its not like Ju87 taking 200 ammo from 20mm Shvak and still surviving.


Another example of non-existent bussian rias coupled with the usual german hate boner.


i think you mistook something here.
Also lets not be rushed and offending.
Everyone makes mistakes or rushes with claims, its ok.

Impossible why? Impossible how? You have managed to not read my post, somehow.

They do explode if they strike some part or module.

M-geschoss, some Japanese 30mm, Breda HEF and MG131 “IAI” explode when they hit anything other than aircraft skin - engine, fuel tanks, radiators, armor, spars, gear, weapons, crew, control lines and flaps.
Yak-3, if we consider all angles, on average will pass through probably around 35-40% of M-geschoss you land on it. This makes it way more tanky than P-47, but it doesn’t mean it won’t die if I score 16 hits using Fw 190 A8 4 20mm cannons.
It most likely will, because 2 out of 6 in my favourite stealth belt are AP-I and APHE, and I think around 75% of target area (when firing from 20 degree cone behind the aircraft) will make the shell go boom. But it’s waaay worse during high deflection shots or even from the side.

AP, IT and similar shells work just fine.

Test it for yourself, before responding.

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Because if it wouldnt fuse the only way to knock it out of the sky would be to knock out the pilot.

If its problem with only them then its just how rounds are modeled and how skin aircraft is modeled, did you check it for other nations?
I have died from M-geschoss, I have died from Japanese 30mm, even 13mm in Yaks.

Everybody with a minimum of experience knows this, when doing deflection shots on soviet planes always try to go for the main body, not wings.

This “bug” is so specific (ONLY best German ammo AND ONLY on WWII russian planes) that it is not even funny to comment about bussian rias.

Known for ages, Gaijin always refused to fix it or even comment it.


I never wrote it never fuses, I VERY DELIBERATELY STATED THAT IT EXPLODES WHEN IT HITS “SOME PART OR A MODULE” and that’s the main problem with your reading comprehension.


Caps lock to make it easier for you to notice and read.


You havent shown if they fuse on other aircraft, you havent shown me anything stating that theres no 0,1 mm fuse on them.

Sorry my bad, thought zero damage was in meaning to basically whole aircraft.
Literally 90% of my deaths in soviet aircraft were from wings breaking from getting shot or tail getting off, I have survived worse in italian Bf109.

I think you are missing his point, you can die, it is the probability of the shell exploding that is much lower. It goes straight through all non-structural surfaces that are specifically what that kind of shell is supposed to rip apart.

It works vs engines, plates, spars, tanks etc. Net result is that those planes are much more survivable vs planes using M-geschoss.

Note, ONLY that German shell and ONLY on those soviet planes, so incidentally specific…

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Test it for yourself, before responding…

Seriously, run the game, hop into protection analysis and SEE FOR YOURSELF.
0,1mm fuse works. Mk108 f.e. has 0,001mm fuse or something like that even.
M-geschoss has 0,4mm fuse, which can be CLEARLY SEEN in protection analysis when looking at shell data.
MG131 has 0.3mm fuse or something along these lines.
I won’t be making 100 screenshots, since all of the data is available in game.

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Seen it now, but the fuse does exist, and until the fuse doesnt go off, the round doesnt go off.

When the fuse works yes.

Can you show it vs other planes?
I know for fact most Yaks are made of light wood material, while some La seriee have more reinforced and better material.
I currently cant run the game.

Before the buff to damage on autocannons german guns literally seemed easiest to kill with. Shvaks and B-20s, coupled with M4 were doing no damage.

Also 30mm Japanese HEF. 12.7mm Breda HEF. And MG131 “IAI” in HEIT belt (it’s funny it’s HEIT belt made of “IAI” bullets, oh well).

Anything with some “custom fuse sensitivity”.
Of course German and Italian planes are the most affected.

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Yak aircraft skin is not made of wood, suede or silk.
It’s made of alluminium.
Also M-geschoss fuses 100% reliably vs all fabric-covered biplanes we have in game. Maybe with exception of some Soviet flying wonders.

Also EVERY other 20mm HE fuses just fine vs literally everything. Only M-geschoss has such issues. How surprising.

THere’s 0 reasons for M-geschoss and MG131 IAI, Breda HEF and Japanese 30mm to have less sensitive fuses.

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Its not entirely wood or alluminium, for example tail of Yak is made from plywood, wings are made from

Do you SERIOUSLY think that laminated wood (that’s a hard material, trust me) tough enough to be an important part of a fighter plane with 1000+HP engine capable of going over 600km/h is so soft and cuddly it won’t make a shell explode?
How so?
Also explain this:

There’s 1 other plane, that will not make M-geschoss fuse, that’s not Soviet, and almost nobody flies it - Mosquito.
The thing is - there’s literally 0 data indicating that it would NOT fuse M-geschoss.

Fabric covered Hurricane:

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0.1 mm thick wood? that is what the game reports, very convenient wood I would say


Generally, the wood argument is invalid, since there’s 0 reason to not fuse anyway.
We can just set P-47 aircraft Skin to 0,2mm of aluminium, since aluminium is way softer than steel and be done with it too.
The problem is not “wood”, it’s that German fuse is set to 0,4mm of steel, while aircraft skin is set to 0,1 or 0,2mm.


duralumin frame

Either way if you think this is wrong collect the data and bug report it.

They all used plywood. La series used better material.
It used delta wood.