Ch’ŏnma-216 (2010)

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Ch’ŏnma-216 (2010)


Erroneously called P’okp’ung-Ho II.

Brief History
North Korea, despite what some may think, has a surprisingly large variety of tanks and other AFVs. In particular, their indigenous variants and developments of the Soviet T-62 are incredibly interesting, and would fit nicely into the game. North Korea adopted the T-62 as their MBT in the 70s, replacing their antiquated T-34s and T-55s (although over 2000 T-55s are still in service in 2023). They obtained T-62s from 2 sources – directly importing them from the USSR, as well as producing them under license/reverse-engineering them. These were designated Ch’ŏnma (roughly meaning ‘Pegasus’) [note: some sources refer to these tanks as ‘Ch’ŏnma-Ho XYZ’ but the -Ho suffix is something made up by the US DoD].

The Ch’ŏnma went through a variety of different upgrades and modifications, ranging from glorified 1960s-era T-62s to effectively completely new vehicles in some of the later variants. The Ch’ŏnma-216 (also known as P’okp’ung-Ho II, although this designation is entirely fictitious) was first spotted in October 2010, and is by far the best variant of the Ch’ŏnma. Multiple sub-variants have since been produced, but this suggestion focuses on the first variant, initially seen in 2010.

The Ch’ŏnma-216 was based on the previous Ch’ŏnma-215 (suggestion on the forums here). Compared to the Ch’ŏnma-215, the Ch’ŏnma-216 has slightly altered smoke grenade positions, slightly different turret applique shape, and a slightly different engine deck and rear fenders, along with other even more minor changes.

The base turret armour is the same as that of the Ch’ŏnma-215, reaching levels comparable to that of the T-72M (~600mm), see image below.



It is possible that a new engine (1000-1100hp) was developed for this tank, but I find it unlikely. Its sights may also have been upgraded to those found on the early T-72s, as North Korea acquired a T-72 Ural during the development of this variant (hence the much improved turret armour).

Some sources claim this variant mounted a North Korean 125mm 2A46 copy, but I find this highly unlikely. When compared to prior variants, there are no visual indicators that this is the case.

Compared to the base T-62/Ch’ŏnma, the Ch’ŏnma-216 incorporated a lot of the prior upgrades, such as:

  • A new welded turret, first seen on the Ch’ŏnma-98
    • It is elongated, which might suggest a turret bustle/a larger first-stage ammo rack
  • Side-skirts, smoke launchers and a laser rangefinder, seen on various prior variants
  • A new engine (750hp), as on Ch’ŏnma-98 OR a new 1000-1100hp engine

It likely retains the same (hull) armour layout and armament of the base T-62, but probably uses some of the better 115mm APFSDS (such as 3BM21 or 3BM28), likely without GL-ATGMs however.

The Ch’ŏnma-216 would be a really cool vehicle for a future North Korean sub-tree. The 2010 variant doesn’t improve on the Ch’ŏnma-215 in any combat characteristics, hence I suggest it is added at the same BR and foldered with the 215, to provide a back-up with the same characteristics. It could also be given 3BM36 APFSDS and placed at a higher BR because of that, but I think the later variants would do better with this round.


  • 115mm U-5TS
    • Stabilised
    • 3BM21 APFSDS
    • 3BM28 APFSDS
    • 3BM36 APFSDS
    • 3BK15M HEAT-FS
    • 3OF27 HE
  • Laser rangefinder
  • NVDS/Thermals
    • NVDs confirmed, thermals likely but not confirmed


  • Hull
    • Front - 100mm at 59º
    • Sides - 80mm at 0º
    • Rear - 45mm at 2º
  • Turret
    • Front - 214-240mm + Unknown add-on armour thickness, better than Soviet ‘BDD’ (65-85mm)
    • Sides - Unknown, likely similar to regular T-62 (115-196mm)
    • Rear - Unknown, likely similar to regular T-62 (65mm)


  • Speed
    • Unknown, likely still roughly +55/-9 km/h
  • Weight
    • Unknown, likely ~44t
  • Engine power
    • 750hp, ~17hp/t
    • OR 1000-1100hp, ~22.7-25hp/t






Below The Turret Ring: Photographs from North Korean ATGM tests

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Found images of them with South Korean camouflages, probably for confusion in a war scenario (although how well it would work, i don’t know, lol)

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Would be nice in game!

Very strange image:


Clearly a -216 as shown by the smoke grenade launchers, so not a -215, but oddly it flies the old flag of the ‘Supreme Commander’, which was changed in 2002. Most dates of the Ch’onma-216 reference it as being first produced around 2004, with the -215 produced in 2003. This would indicate both were actually produced earlier, 2002 and 2001 at the latest, respectively. I’ll try and do some more digging but a simple reverse image search shows it only twice, with no information.

Edit: Although wikipedia claims dates of 2002 and being produced in the 90s. I chalked that down to poor sources but maybe it is right

Edit 2: Not so strange, most sources do reference its first performance tests in Feb of 2002, which will explain this image. Nonetheless cool to see.

For reference, these are the flags:

  • Pre-2002


  • Post-2002