Centauro I 120 SQUADRON vehicle for the USSR tech tree

Every vehicle doesn’t need to exist in every TT.

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IFV’s are still criminally undertiered

That was Just a proposal, and It Is nothing new. It was proposed before 2015 during the tests

So am I.

A wheeled 2S38 plus would be a much better idea. Having the top tier Italian vehicle and the only one that is not dogwater is more than enough to humiliate the players who has nothing but pure skills.
Just wait for people to collect evidence for this combo and its a decent vehicle.

Such a tank has already been proposed. In addition, on the K-17 this module has not yet been put and it is unclear when it will be and whether it will be at all

Could be on the way already, just not disclosed now. In perhaps a few years. Wheeled assault guns are also extremely specific while IFVs would be much more flexible, especially with a 57mm turret and ATAKA missiles.

Would be cool as a free backup to the TT one still. Its a bit hard to do the same with the Centauro ROMOR or VRCC and I dont have 100 backups.

Italy mains are already enough angered by the addition of the novossyrisk and nothing major for Italy(a very good CAS tho) in the update. I think it is time to end it and find Russian alternatives which are also pretty good.
Plus, 11.0+ light tank is not a commonality but rather a speciality. The 90120, HSTV-L and the centauro are the only 3 top tier lights with the centauro being the only wheeled.

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They’re angered by a war reparation?

Not as much as getting nothing in the update, but it is effectively a better conte.

Well have to I disagree here, it have worse secondary gun and the russian aa is not that better compared to the italian 65 mm.

If this can be achieved, then I believe that we will see CV9040 and M3 Bradley from the USSR in the near future lol

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I don’t really agree with most things his suggestions but you are kidding your self if you think most IFVs are consistently useful at top tier(11.3+).

There’s a reason you rarely see any auto cannon wielding IFVs or light tanks beyond the BMP2M or 2S38(Latter of which is way more effective)

Taking bets on wheeled 2s38 ammo storage will be “bugged” when released too, just long enough to sell just a metric shitton of them.

you are aware i am talking about kurganets 25 and bmpt here right?, those are even stronger and upgraded versions of the bmp 2m and 2s38.

The coming IFVS with F&f missles are useable as well, i used the Puma and will now use the Vilkas, the italian freccia can be used to great success as well… the KF41 lets not talk about that one.

Sadly thats just it for now about the number of IFVs we have gajin desperately needs to add new ones to other nations

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All lights/ifv’s are undtertiered, they should all go up. Bradley at 0.3 above Leo 1? Yea, no

BMPT sure but if the kurganets doesn’t have significantly better reverse speed I’m not so sure

As long as they can’t lock on to the turret of a rig line peeking tank(despite the buff they still can’t) and target specifically where you can target on a tank, it will always be subpar to use, not to mention they are less useful up close. That’s not even getting into the fact that most 25mm and 30mm apdsfs have poor TTK against top tier MBT upgraded crews from the side, which is pretty major against anyone not a lemon

They still will be quite stronger and more effective, just gotta use them right

eh can make it work and snatch quite a bit of played right

This is a shite idea because russia already has a full lineup and with the buff to the sprut it is possible to play ot at top tier. Also, just cause it was tested by that nation does not mean it should be implemented. The italian tech tree should be the only one with the centauro.