Celebrate Christmas and the New Year in War Thunder!

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We’re nearing the end of December now, which means it’s time for gifts, bright decorations, fireworks and generally a jolly festive mood. All of which await you this Christmas and New Year’s period!

You’re invited to plunge into the festive atmosphere in War Thunder this holiday season to enjoy yourself and receive excellent rewards. Take a look below at everything we’ve prepared for you!

Gifts for everyone!

Play and meet the criteria to receive each gift.

When: December 20th (11:00 GMT) until January 2nd (11:00 GMT).

“Dragon Warrior”decal
Play 3 battles using vehicles of Rank III or higher with an activity level of 70% or more.

“New Year’s Sign” decoration for ground forces
Destroy 30 enemies while using ground vehicles of Rank III or higher.

“New Year’s Flag” ship flag
Deal 50,000 damage while using naval vessels of Rank III or higher.

Open the Christmas Chest and Snowman!

We’ve got two special chests lined up for you this festive season: the Christmas Chest that can be purchased for Golden Eagles, and the Snowman for Silver Lions.

When: From December 20th (12:00 GMT) until January 15th (12:00 GMT).

Once opened, there’s a chance to get either a Premium Account, Silver Lions, Universal backups, Boosters, Premium vehicles as well as vehicles that have never been sold for Golden Eagles or War Bonds, and are not currently sold in the game or on the Market.


Christmas Chest

Christmas Chest terms:

Christmas Chest purchase price: 999 Golden Eagles

Guaranteed Prize: 1 day premium account + 120000 Silver Lions (total purchase price of 490 Golden Eagles)

Additional Guaranteed Prize:

  • 1 day premium account - 15% chances
  • 3 days premium account - 10% chances
  • 7 days premium account - 5% chances
  • 100000 SL - 16% chances
  • 250000 SL - 8% chances
  • 500000 SL - 4% chances
  • 1000000 SL - 2% chances
  • 100% booster for 3 battles - 20% chances
  • Universal backup — 5 pieces. - 20% chances

Additional random prizes:

1) Talisman for vehicles (15% chance but at least once for every 14 chest openings); breakdown of chance by vehicle rank:

  • Rank I - 16% chances
  • Rank II - 20% chances
  • Rank III - 25% chances
  • Rank IV - 18% chances
  • Rank V - 10% chances
  • Rank VI - 7% chances
  • Rank VII - 3% chances
  • Rank VIII - 1% chances

If all vehicles of the dropped rank already have a talisman the player will be refunded fully for the Christmas Chest — 999 GE.

2) Premium vehicles including unavailable for sale (15% chance but not less than once for every 14 chest openings); breakdown of chances by vehicle ranks:

  • Rank I - 20%
  • Rank II - 20%
  • Rank III - 20%
  • Rank IV - 20%
  • Rank V - 10%
  • Rank VI - 7%
  • Rank VII - 3%

If all vehicles of the dropped out rank are already there, the player will be refunded the cost of the Christmas Chest fully — 999 GE.

Unavailable for purchase vehicles presented in the Christmas Chest along with the usual premium vehicles:

  • Lightning F.53
  • F-86F-35
  • J29D
  • J35A
  • YP-38
  • T-2 Early
  • MiG-17AS
  • MiG-21 SPS-K (Germany)
  • Milan
  • S.O.4050 Vautour IIN
  • A-4E (Israel)
  • SAV 20.12.48
  • Type 74 (G)
  • Type 69-IIa
  • M26E1
  • UH-1C XM-30
  • P-61A-11
  • Bostwick's P-47M-1-RE Thunderbolt
  • Lanovski's P-47M-1-RE Thunderbolt
  • Wetmore's P-51D-10 Mustang
  • USS Cowell
  • Pz.Sfl.Ic
  • Panzer IV/70(A)
  • He 112 B-1/U2 (Germany)
  • P-47D (Germany)
  • La-5FN (Germany)
  • Tempest Mk V (Germany)
  • Sea Hawk Mk.100
  • Z20 Karl Galster
  • T31
  • T-34 (1st Gv.T.Br.)
  • МК-IX "Valentine" (USSR)
  • KV-1E
  • KV-2 (ZiS-6)
  • IS-2 "Revenge"
  • Mi-24D (USSR)
  • Pokryshkin's P-39N-0 (USSR)
  • Pe-2-205
  • IL-2M "Avenger"
  • Golovachev's Yak-9M
  • Fw 190 D-9 (USSR)
  • Spitfire Mk IXc (USSR)
  • MiG-15bis ISH
  • Stroyny
  • Neustrashimy
  • Achilles (65 Rg.)
  • Boomerang Mk II
  • D.520 (Great Britain)
  • Typhoon Mk Ib
  • Plagis' Spitfire LF Mk IXc
  • Prendergast's Spitfire FR Mk XIVe
  • Hunter FGA.9
  • HMCS Haida
  • J2M4 Kai
  • IJN Kiyoshimo
  • Т-62 №545
  • T-69 II G
  • P40 "G.C. Leoncello"
  • RN Geniere
  • F-84F IAF (France)

The Snowman

You’re able to purchase the “Snowman” and its “Carrot” to open it. Once opened, there’s a chance to get either unique Decals, Decorations, vehicles and camouflages from past winter events in War Thunder (including in the form of coupons), as well as Silver Lions, Boosters, Universal Backups, a Profile Icon, Aerobatic Smoke and Orders.

Winter Extreme: Earn Yourself Rewards this Festive Season!

Take part in battles, earn mission score points and receive a variety of cool rewards.

When: From December 20th (11:00 GMT) until January 9th (11:00 GMT).

Participate in the Winter Extreme event and earn rewards: ranging from Trophies, Decals, “Carrots”, 4 unique vehicles and their respective camouflages, a Player Icon and Decorations. Check it out!

J9 Early

A Rank II Premium for Sweden.

Click here to learn more.

Mirage 2000C-S4

A Rank VIII Event Vehicle for France.

Click here to learn more.

USS Mississippi

A Rank VI Event Vehicle for the USA.

Click here to learn more.


A Rank VII Event Vehicle for Germany.

Click here to learn more.

In-game Discounts!

Wanted a vehicle for a while now? Treat yourself to a nice bargain!

When: From December 20th (11:00 GMT) until December 26th (11:00 GMT).

  • 50% off all vehicles in the game*
  • 50% off talismans, back-ups, and modifications*
  • 50% off a Premium account for 90 or 365 days in the game store, and 180 days in the Gaijin.Net online store.

*Discounts apply to vehicles for Silver Lions and Golden Eagles, except those added in the “Air Superiority” and “Kings of Battle” major updates, as well as Squadron Vehicles.

Take the THUNDER Quiz!

How well do you know War Thunder? Take our special quiz using the link to find out for sure.

When: From December 20th (11:00 GMT) until December 26th (11:00 GMT).

True experts will be in for a little surprise!

Sale in the Gaijin.Net Store!

We’ll tell you about discounts in the Gaijin.Net store in a separate news article on December 26th.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Thanks for the quiz title. :D

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A quiz? :D



I completed the quiz and I can’t access the secret packs, it kicks me back to https://store.gaijin.net/


Any GE-vehicals that will disappear after the sale ?

What are the secret packs?

I can post the list here if I figure out how to format a spoiler Xd

Lol, the Thunderbolt question has the wrong answer.

The AC4 was the Sentinel, it was the AC3 that was called the Thunderbolt.

SAV 20.12.48 (Sweden)
F-86F-35 (US)
Semovente 105/25 M43 G.C. “Leoncello” (Italy)
UH-1C XM-30 (US)
Mi-24D (USSR)
Bf 109Z Zwilling (Germany)
Pe-2-205 “Peshka” (USSR)

All packs come with some premium time and GE


Gotta be careful though, my store page only shows two vehicles and I already own both of them. Don’t double buy.

Haha, one question was outright tongue-in-cheek funny, one other a bit, ehhhh, “sneaky”… ;-)

After completing the quiz you get this link to go to the secret packs.
Am I alone in this redirecting to the overall gaijin store page and not said packs?
I got the braniac title, it says I succeeded, I just can’t see them.



Not alone

So I bought a chest as I’ve got a bunch of GE and predictably I got just about the very least I could get. Fabulous.
shot 2023.12.20 17.08.22

FYI, receiving a 10/10 on quiz on a Playstation account is…useless. You’re redirected to the PC Gaijin Store.

As usual, solid work Gaijin, you continue to outdo yourselves.

Firstly, good advertised event. If i not login into steam and check the Warthunder i easily to miss it. Please improve your event comercials.

Secondly,the 40K point collection/task.
I tell you why i feel(i belive not i am the only one)it too much.
This came from then point multipler system which unfair. Why? Not skill based, especially if you play on AB you got punishment which means points have 0,93x multipler… and tier I-II cannot able to use farming points. If you have only Tier 3 tank(newcomers) you have 0,90x multipler which not matter how best are you, you got smaller amount of point thanks to unfair multipler system and need more hours to farm it. That is one of the points.

The next point: is the bot accounts. Above tier IV easily bump into bots and they can ruin the games. For them easily to farm this amount of points.(i am as an averange player(not the best, not the worst) it take 9-10h game to farm this amount of point without take a break…)Not to talk tier V or above full with ‘gajin’ and ‘skill issue’ moments which funny in youtube videos, in battles not really.

The next point: from tier V or above is full chaos. Battle points collection between 400-1000 points except RAMBOS(1-2 player /team). In CQC battles 1 or 2 tank per players so imposible to collect too much point. In huge maps(from 350x350M to 550x550M map) half of team from both side exit from battle inmediatelly because not want to waste 15-25 minutes to camp and get 400-600 point/battle so limited number of enemy exit… and if it full, the both team, all players camp and wait for the unpatient players for a free kill and if collected enought spawn point bring the yolo planes and blow up the whole battlefield(pilot Rambos).

The last point. Thanks to new vehicles able to sell in market, up to BR 8.0 lot of unfair moment you meet, like extreme good aim andother intresting moment, which in during non-event periods rare.

Summarize: if want to favor for you players, you reduce the collectable points from 40K to 2,5K but atleast 30k and modify multipler on AB to 1,0x and on tier III to 1.0x and on tier I-II 0,9x. Thats my standpoints.

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I have the same issue!

Do you have a steam account? I have the same issue and my friend with a regular war thunder account doesn’t have any issue.

yes, i use steam, and i don’t know how to switch it to a regular WT account