CAS is out of hand

There should be ground exclusive battles in the game, with the addition of the Su-25k, there are way too many planes in ground battles and it wakes the game incredibly hard to enjoy. 9 battles out of 10, I lose every tank besides my first to a strafing Su-25k. Please at least add specific missions where CAS isn’t allowed


SPAA just need some buffs, like the ability to scout planes.


And air to ground weapons cost more expensive (around 1200SP).


Light tanks should be able to scout helicopters as well


There are a couple measures that could be taken to make ground battles as we have them right now more enjoyable for tankers.

  • set a maximum number of airborn vehicles allowed at any given time (4 or sth)
  • add an extra timer for first spawn helicopters to make heli rushing less practical (enemy density at caps for example)
  • add a scouting system for Spaas and maybe helicopters/planes, a direct ping with T61 could also be a solution

The addition of a ground only mode seems very unlikely since CAS planes give gaijin a fuck ton of money

I don’t think light tanks need another benefit when being the meta vehicle already, no armor best armor.
They already get scouting which just further promotes CAS usage by lowering spawn costs for planes, they get drones, artillery, low spawn costs.

Makes sense to just be for SPAA, if anything make it work for heavy tanks as well because they’re constantly get screwed out of everything, the non-meta vehicle that carries around useless armor, easily killed by bombs because of the lack of mobility, missing out on points because too slow to get to capture points and especially historically the highest SP costs with the fewest options, no artillery or anything.

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since the last spaa missile nerf it became a lot worse, but everyone doesn’t care so enjoy getting CAS spammed, i’m bored of always getting f’d on by barrel rolling Su-25s, mig-27s that you can do nothing about if you don’t have the latest, best anti air that even then can just be defeated by a sharp turn.

Keep ignoring the nerf and complain about the results.

If anyone cared, all the posts would be complaints about spaa being useless, but nobody cares and now we have to face the new reality, the CAS reality

Right, I have an idea then. Make the Ground Forces Rescuer award a lot better, say 1.5k. Then reduce the gain you get out of launching a self guiding missile at a random tank with no mobility to be equivalent to be similar to the SL gained for destroying tanks in Air Battles. Essentially, turn CAS against itself by making people feel more inclined to defend their ground forces rather than destroy the other team’s.

this is a good idea, but it doesn’t change the fact that the spaa nerf was too much and needs to be reverted, ground vehicles should be the main thing that people play in ground rb.


CAS at 5.0 - 8.0 should be disabled. It is too strong for the current game mechanics which do not allow interception of CAS before they’re over the battlefield. This would resolve frequency by allowing prevention and justify it remaining in the game mode.