CAS is a problem,especially in Top Tier

I am probably not the only one that finds Ground RB less enjoyable since Helicopters,Drones and modern jets have been added to the game…

Countless amounts of time have i been destroyed in my base by either a helicopter kilometers away or an F-16 flying in stratosphere… Which against i cant do nothing in my MBT.

It’s kind of hilarious how the gamemode is called ‘‘Ground Realistic Battles’’ altough there are more aircraft vehicles in it than ground vehicles (Helis,Planes,Drones). Community has asked Gaijin for Ground Vehicles Only mode but they refused to give it a try,even as a test because then ‘‘Spaa’s would be useless’’ and it would ‘‘expand the queue times’’ which are hilarious excuses since there would be people who would still play GB with CAS (CAS lovers) and queue times wouldn’t be that long since game gained more popularity and just yesterday it had 200k players online.

I’ve witnessed multiple matches where a single helicopter or a plane would win singlehandedly only because the opposing team cant counter it. Maps are issues as well,Gaijin kept on adding faster,more modern vehicles,but stalled at making bigger maps and more comfortable maps for low tier vehicles… which often leads to top tier being played on small maps.

For those who believe that Ground RB Only wouldn’t be fun or better,i suggest you go to Custom Battles and join a ‘‘Tank Battle Only’’ match and see for yourself. You dont have to worry about being bombed,shot from kilometers away by a helicopter behind a mountain or effortlesly killed by a drone from way above,or perhaps Paveway’d by a stratosphere flying F-16.

Sorry for my bad english and for a big read but i hope at least someone backs me up on this and sees the same issues as i do.

Here are two examples :


If you actually checked the forum as you were making your thread, no doubt you’d have been suggested that there were multiples that are made already echoing your sentiment.

The vocal few have.

They aren’t the community, and whilst the want to play in the mode is there, and unlock what it has, then CAS is merely what you have to risk and face.

You have counters, you can also spawn helis and planes yourself.


Heh playing Russia why don’t you use Pantsir then? you are playing the Nation that have best SPAA in the game and if you still can’t stop them well it means something wrong with you.


‘few’, lol. You ask somebody who doesn’t play CAS this question, and overwhelming majority would ask for same thing.

Amusingly enough, I find CAS to be more a problem at low and medium BRs as few people spawn AAs and even fewer know how to use it. The skill of the AA is the important factor here.

In top tier AAs don’t need to have skill, especially on things that couple missile launchers and autocannons. I find it way harder to play CAS at this BR than anywhere else.

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Oh the irony. This could by applied about people crying about ODL.

You can proclaim in chat that the servers are giving you trouble, and everyone will say that it’s all the server… No-one will EVER consider it’s their connection.

The vocal minority are literally just being vocal.

You play Russia. I have no sympathy for you. Get CAS’d, fella.

Just because i play USSR does not mean i have a PANTSIR,and even if i had it,spawning an SPAA to deal with CAS only to be useless for the rest of the match is not the point.

Thank you for the post No. 2128 about the matter.

That attitude about playing a certain role, is what leaves your team open to being slaughtered from the air threat that you ignore.


Trash takes 101

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I agree, ground forces mode should focus on ground forces, not griefing in asymmetric warfare

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Sounds like a perception issue…

I agree

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get to it then

it inadvertently is
you are refusing to interact with 30% of the game and are complaining about the people who do

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pantsir is worthless against f-16c, literally everything is


It’s literally been polled on the forum. It’s a vocal minority that complains about CAS overall.

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It has been done, yes. 82% of FORUM users have voted for either separate gamemode, removal of CAS overall, and CAS being too strong at current time. That was in old poll.

In a new poll, 46% would play no-CAS mode, 67% think that CAS is too strong at current itineration of the game. - 51% of voters in second poll use CAS a lot, 16% sometimes, 11% rarely. Only 19% of people voted that they never use CAS. In a forum, where 79% of people use CAS at one way or another - 67% think that CAS is too strong.

But lack of proper ‘research’ into the poll results is too much to expect from CAS player, I guess, who like things simple while dropping bombs on defenceless tanks.


Why are you soooo butthurt cause a aircraft touche your tank cant you get in a jet and fight them??? Dont see what the problem is you can easily fight anyone who is bombing tanks with one hand behind your back just sounds like you want to just play tanks and well there never has or ever will be a tank only mode thats PvP sorry I myself would have 0% interest in playing tank only mode