Carrozzeria speciale su AS 43, the improvised armoured car

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Development history

The development of the Carrozzeria Speciale su AS 43 started in january of 1944 by Officine Viberti of Turin, after it became clear that the National Republican Army needs a simpler and cheaper armoured car than the AB 41 and AB 43.
It was decided to resume the project of the failed Autoblindo TL37, but this time it was based on the simpler and cheaper AS43, instead of the more complex AS37.
Officine’s Viberti AS43 featured an armoured superstructure, offering crew protection against small caliber machine-guns.
It consisted of steel plates riveted to an internal structure, as on most Italian tanks and armoured vehicles at the time. The plates of the body were 8 mm thick, and 18-10 mm for the turret.
As for the main armament, a modified version of the modello 1941 turret was chosen, originally developed for the L6/40 light tank. It featured the same armament, consisting of a main 20/65 Breda Modello 1935, supplemented by a secondary, coaxial Breda Modello 1938 8 x 59 mm machine gun.
2-6 units were built between 1944 and 1945, depending on the source.

Service history

The first two units were probably produced between 3rd April and mid-May 1944.
They were spotted on 23rd May 1944 in a parade of the Gruppo Corazzato Leonessa in Turin.
It was then assigned to the Gruppo Corazzato ‘Leonessa’ based in Turin.

The AS 43 took part in anti-partisan operations, particularly between May and July 1944, during which it contributed to the capture of numerous partisans and even Australian soldiers. The vehicle’s service continued through 1944, although one AS 43 was potentially destroyed or abandoned by late 1944.

By March 23, 1945, only one AS 43 remained operational, evident from its appearance in the final parade of the Gruppo Corazzato ‘Leonessa’ in Turin. However, during the Battle of Tirano in late April 1945, an AS 43 fell into the hands of partisan forces. This vehicle, along with others from the Fascist column, saw action in subsequent engagements until May 2, 1945.

Technical specifications

General dimensions and weight

  • Length - 5 m
  • Width - 1,9 m
  • Heigth - 2,5 m
  • Weight - 5-6 t
  • Crew - 3

Chassis and powertrain

  • Suspension - independent coil spring suspension coupled with hydraulic shock absorbers for front wheels. Inverse leaf springs for rear wheels.
  • Drivetrain - all-wheel drive, with only the front wheels steering
  • Tires - Pirelli Tipo Artiglio 9 x 24″
  • Engine - SPA 18VT 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, petrol engine, generating 73 horsepower
  • Mobility - ~50 km/h max speed, 12,2 - 14,6 hp/t, depending on the expected weight of the vehicle

Protection and armament

  • Body armour - 8 mm all-around
  • Turret armour - 18 mm face, 10 mm sides and rear, 6 mm roof
  • Primary armament - 20/65 Breda mod. 1935 autocannon
  • Secondary armament - 8 x 59 mm Breda mod. 1938 machine-gun

Why I’m proposing it?

Most Italian low tier tanks are slower than the tanks of other nations, with the AB 41 and Csaba being the only fast armoured vehicles there. Adding the Carrozzeria Speciale su AS43 would make the situation better. Other than being very mobile, thanks to it’s high hp/t ratio and big tires offering good off-road performance, it’s armed with a very lethal autocannon.

Photos and drawings

Real life photos




Technical drawings





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+1, I am really a fan of this vehicle. It could replace the L6/40 as a reserve vehicle.


Also, any info on crew count?

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3, it’s under “General dimensions and weight”

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Oh yeah +1.

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Cheers man, missed it while reading.


Can’t say no to more pizza cars.


If Germany can get 20 vehicles with the same damn cannon

Give Italy the same treatment!



Thats not completly correct, as the 2 cm KwK is in a turret form merely on the 3 Pz IIs. Otherwise they have different mounting, such as Sockellafette, Hängelaffette, Flaklafette 38, Schwebelafette.


+1 new meme car maybe?




You did well to propose this tank I tried a couple of times to suggest it, but the moderators didn’t listen to me it was probably because I also added its AS 43 version…

If someone also wants to Publish-suggest AS 43 I in this link had talked a year ago about this tank and the variants of the AS43, you can use it to get information.

EDIT: Fixed typo

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Or you can help here also:

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