Cap points

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Most decent players already do, and only move into caps when it is safe. It’s your own fault if you charge in blindly and get shot a half-dozen times to death…


Just imagine if you could only drive into the cap for a short time to neutralise the battle … man that would be something.

Cap zones should not be visible to air, just like hit markers… it’s usually a death sentence when planes 10km away get informed of your location.

Honestly, the visibility isn’t so much the issue as is the message put on every player’s screen regardless of where they are looking.

“[Our/Hostile] Team is capturing Zone [A/B/C]”

It seems innocent enough, but in practice it really is saying this:

“There is at least one (mostly) stationary tank at Zone [A/B/C], mail a bomb his way.”

This is just as aggravating as the kill camera and high speed airspawns planes don’t even need, helping fuel the plague of revenge killing.

I’ll throw the match before I get in a cap lol.

Cap zones are only the game mechanic which ensures one team victory but real goal is terrain control. Without terrain control team cannot capture and keep caps long enough to win.

Now the tricky part. To establish terrain control team needs some basic tactical knowledge and lots of teamwork. Combination of both is quite rare in WT.

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Most players these day think “Tactics” is new Taylor Swift album.

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And that’s exactly why I get so worked up on Flanders and similar maps when I see the hundredth lemming train trundling to C to die a miserable death.

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