Cannot post suggestion in suggestion forum

Cannot post suggestion in suggestion forum - button is greyed out

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Is it fixed now?

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No, suggestions are still frozen. Please keep an eye out on #suggestions-news for any information regarding that. That will be the first place we will post once we have news to share with the community.

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It’s been 20 days since Suggestions were frozen but issue is still not fixed.
Meanwhile on russian version of the forum Suggestion section is working and never been frozen in the first place.
Are you waiting until majority of old forum users just lose interest in this forum? I couldn’t explain such delay with other reasonable explanations… :/

If you can’t fix whatever issue there is with Suggestions section in reasonable time, why not give us a temporary place where original topic starters can re-create their original threads and we can continue relevant discussions?


I can assure you we are not waiting for the majority of forum users to lose interest in the forum. When we are ready we will post in #suggestions-news as I stated before. As I’m in the same boat as everybody else, I have around 50 suggestions I’ll need to move over myself. Please be patient and once we can we will provide more information.

What will happend to the posts that were made by the players who left this game?

I’m not sure what you mean by that

Sorry I was half asleep. I meant what will happend to the suggestions that were made by players who dont play this game anymore. Since they dont play this game eventually those posts will be gone with the old forum if they aren’t migrated to this forum. Can others repost them?