Can we get DLSS 3.5 upgrade for this patch?

Recently, nvidia released the new DLSS 3.5, which can reduce the smear and increase the frame rate under the same conditions.
Since the game is currently only adapted to DLSS in date 22/2/2023, even if I manually replace the dlss 3.5 nvngx_dlss.dll file, it will automatically replace it back to DLSS when the game is started, so you can Will this update support DLSS 3.5?


Devs must likely will update it when it released. I heard it will come with cyberpunk’s expansion in 25 September.

DLSS 3.5 is now available, you can download the DLSS 3.5 in here:NVIDIA DLSS DLL 3.5.0 Download | TechPowerUp

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Oh I didn’t know that. I hope dev bring it. I use SSAA to get a good quality which hit the performance pretty bad. My fps came from 240 to 80 in most of times. Hopefully this DLSS 3.5 quality is better than current one.

It is recommended to use DSR to make 3840x2160, then apply this resolution in the game launcher, and enable DLSS, you can get a better picture than SSAA, but higher FPS.
The only drawback is that there will be artifacts.


Introducing FSR in general would be nice.
Especially since this is supported for older and more graphic cards, and you maybe could remove ULQ with this.


I tried this. Sadly quality isn’t good even with dlss set to quality. Also I only gained 20 more fps. guess i stick with ssaa for the time.

Agree 100%
Not everyone has a GPU capable of using DLSS

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it would be great if gaijin implemented dlss 3.5 in the new major update coming early automn, i guess if dlss is good or bad for u depends on the resolution ur screen utilizes, i play in 4k and dlss makes the game playable for me without any major disadvantages since even my rtx 3070 wont let me play the game with 60+ fps without dlss, while i have 120+ fps constantly with dlss activated

You mean FSR3!

I have 1080p monitor. Both DLSS and FSR work well in 1440p and above but work really bad in lower resolution. I even heard from some peoples that 4k monitors in their native resolution don’t have any aliasing. These problems are only for sub 1440p users like me and all anti-aliasing solutions are mainly for peoples like me. Wish there was a way to only activate DLAA. Could be superior to SSAA.

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This is now War Thunder DEV’s nvngx_dlss.dll.
Thank you gaijin.


That’s nice. Did they add DLAA to presets too?

None at present