Can we get a mode added for just tanks?

Me too.

Since they still haven’t added that mode, though, I uninstalled WT today.

It was a dev of this game that gave the advice, “You don’t like it, you don’t play!” I’ve finally decided to take that advice.

I hope that one day, game will change in a way that You are going to be able to enjoy it. Till then, farewell.

Unfortunately, Gaijin will probably not add a “tank only mode”, so all the planes like SU-25K would be useless and the Russian community will cry about it again.
Therefore, get used to the idea that you are just fodder for all the aircraft.
For begin, a limit of 1 aircraft to 9 tanks would make sense. Then the whole thing would be a little more playable.

Which is also an option if Gaijin would set the spawn points many higher for aircraft

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Well ya gave it your best shot. I would love a game mode where it’s tank on tank, trying to out fox the other players, moving for position, using you brain not just wack a mole game play. Every now and then, I get into a dual with another player, win or lose doesn’t matter, out played, big deal. What I don’t like is getting this opportunity only to have my team bomb him or the opposition bomb me and the duel is undecided. That is what a TO Mode would offer. I’d still do RBGF as I also enjoy that as well. I don’t mind getting bombed as I spawn back in a SPAA for revenge. What I hate is revenge suicide bombers using a fail on GJ part for not doing realistic arming device on bombs so drop and crash doesn’t work. Bomb has to fall and arm first over an attitude/time in the air.

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Haven’t played top tier GFRB for a while.

Decided to play a couple of matches and spent more time avoiding heli & jet attacks than actually fighting enemy tanks.

I get the game is combines arms, but its the only combined arms game mode.

Those who want to play tanks are forced to compete against helis and jets, where both of the latter have their own respective game modes to grind.

The two options I see are a Tank only mode, or a better re work of aircraft in GFRB, keeping the combined arms element, but making it a little bit harder to get into an aircraft & also limiting the number than can be airborne at any given time, as one of the larger issues is the large number that can be in the air at once.

JuSt SpAwN sPaA doesnt stop 3 helis and 5 jets in the air at once. By the time you’re tracking one, the 4 others are already gunning for you.

Gaijins only solution they see fit at the moment is adding more spaa.

But again, that doesn’t stop being outnumbered by aircraft.


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When exactly did someone force you to read any of this post?


Dang. This is still going. Haha.

There isnt any good reason for Gaijin to add a tank only mode. They dont wanna mess with their current system. Which is ofc premium high tiers. Planes and tanks. They dont wanna have a shit storm by making all the high tier premium planes absolutely useless.

Splitting the playerbase is asking foe trouble.

Note. I never said there is any issues in the game that necessitate a tank only mode.

It wouldn’t be a split just because there would be Panzer Only battles.
There is a separate mode for each vehicle group, except for tanks.
If you want to use tanks and planes, you will continue to play normal mode.
Who would have problems with just a tank only mode would be people who would fly a SU25-K or A10 Thunderbolt.

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No one is upset. No one has shown upset attitudes about this idea except those that want it like the OP.

And i mean split as in the playerbase. Because what the OP what is realistic battles for tanks which realistic ground iirc is the most popular mode. Or isbit Air…? Not sure. Or is arcade? Eh idk. Either way. Whatever it falls under would take a hit.

Now. Why SHOULD Gaijin put a new mode that they obviously have no interest in doing? Ive not really seen a solid idea or reason behind it.

I suppose the ONLY reason behind it was to allow a mode where instead of air on air, it would be tank on tank. No one can really come up with a reason “why not” or “No way” as only GJ has the information on stats with which to judge it’s impact on over all play (player base split). They seemed to feel a split adding “Naval” was a good commercial risk? I for one don’t know what impact it would have and IMHO no else here does as well.
We can guess saying “Premium Air” is the big seller, don’t want to cut into that or is it premium tanks? All guess work. As long as the GJ Boys say no, well I guess it’s a no until it isn’t. A no from GJ is as reliable as smoke in the wind. Recall GJ saying "There will NEVER be guided weapons in WT?? Hahahahaha


they will never put a TO mode in this game. then they get their cash cows all over them who bought the prem aircraft/ helo’s what can blast tank’s from miles away without even hearing or seeing them.

That is the same reason they allow lvl 1 players to buy high tier prem tanks. Cash is the simple answer.

Well, I’ve quit spending on WT. I massively slowed my spending years ago, but uninstalling seems to be the best way to quit. (6 months of premium time being squandered, but that’s OK. I wasn’t enjoying playing anyway)

Only premium time here. GF gifted me the chinese and swed prem tanks in a sale.