Buccaneer S.2B countermeasures

The Buccaneer S.2B as it is now doesn’t really have much going for it in air RB. 2 AIM-9Ls, no gun and we’ll say… below average maneuverability. 30 standard size CMs really doesn’t cut it for the modern 16v16 layout at 10.3 anymore. Thankfully, the British had foresight on these events, and decided to put a few more countermeasures on it than what is represented in game!

On the old forums, you can find this discussion which so thoughtfully provides photographic evidence and sources made by none other than the Smin we all know and love. Please consider! I don’t want to see new interesting aircraft turn out DOA, especially one with such a new fancy mechanic.


I believe that these extra external flare dispensers could be tied to the flare/chaff mod like the Mirage 2000s or other aircraft which are granted extra CMs upon research of the modification.

NOTE: 104x CM loadout has been found in files. Thank you Gaijin for listening. Discussion closed.


Nice find, +1

Good job, I thought I remembered the s2b having more flares than 30. Honestly without these it will not be surviving 10.3. Especially with how many super sonics there are that see a buc and just hound you down. I would know as my best jet is the buc (maybe after the vixen as I grind with them).

Countermeasures are still WIP.


F-104J, T-2 and F-1 dont get any flares, get AIM-9Ps and yet they are at the same BR. Fighting against any planes with missiles is a pain in these vehicles and obviously fighting a plane with all-aspect missiles is the nearly unavoidable death of you. How about gaijin fixes that first instead of adding another plane with all aspect missiles to a BR where there is planes with no flares at all.

The buccaneer isn’t half as fast as the F-104J, and doesn’t have the maneuverability of any of them. The T-2 is 9.7, that’s unrelated. the F-1 has far better maneuverability and an internal cannon, including being faster by a good margin. That’s just Japan cope, the F-104J is OP.

Tell me u never played the F-104J without telling me u never played the F-104J

I agree with you, playing the F1 is painfull as with no flares it just makes it who can die to the 9l from an unspotted a10 the quickest. But the buccaneer can’t turn as well as the a 10, can’t put accelerate as well as an su 25 and has no guns. It rips rather easily in turns and rolls and the engines burn through flares allowing most missiles to hit it. The buccaneer is no a 10 or su 25 equivalent with less guided ordinance as well. The jag isn’t even close to them let alone a buccaneer and I know no jet with 9ls should be bellow 10.7 but I’m fed up getting shit that’s just no where near competitive and just want to have some fun at least. It’s hypocritical of me but I would like to have some fun as well.

I didn’t realize that 85 battles was 0… I better attend 1st grade math again…