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The warrior in game really suffers, and Britain needs a better one, one with a stabiliser and much better equipment so i bring you the Lockheed Martin Warrior Capability Sustainment Program.

The Lockheed Martin Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP) is a UK Ministry of Defence project to upgrade the Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicle, enhancing its capabilities such as firing on the move and providing a modern environment for soldiers.

The WCSP turret upgrade focuses on several key areas including:

• Fire-on-the-Move
• Stabilised CT40 Cannon
• Automatic Two Nature Ammunition
Handling System
• Stabilised L94A1 Chain Gun
• Reliable 7.62mm Feed System
• Modern Digital Fire Control System
• State of the Art Armour
• Mine Blast Resistant Seating
• Standard Provision for Warrior Modular
Protection System
• Environmental Control System
• Network Enabled Platform
Management System
• Digital Crew Station Displays
• Integrated BCIP
• Crew Briefing System
• Drivers Night Vision System
• Digital Situational Awareness Cameras
• Day and Low Light Capability
• Distribution of all Video Sources to all
Crew Members and Mounted Troops
• Drivers Forward and Rear Vision Cameras

Engine Power and Performance:

The engine and power train in the Warrior IFV was not apart of the WCSP upgrades and was not planned to be upgraded. The Warrior WCSP engine maintained the same statistics and details as the original FV501 warrior which are:
-Perkins V-8 Condor Diesel
550 hp (410 kW)
-Power:Weight 22 hp/t
-Max Speed: 46 mph on road, 31 mph off road.

Launched in 2001, the programme included the Objective Future Cannon Programme (OFCP) in 2002 and the Warrior Lethality Improvement Programme (WLIP) in 2005, initially aiming to upgrade 449 vehicles and convert 125 into Armoured Battlegroup Support Vehicles (ABSV).

This defined the future programme activities and a number of key user requirements and specifications.

Here are SOME of the requirements and specifications:

Rate of Fire 200 Shots per minute
Fire two ammunition types selectable <3s
Dispersion > <0,35 mil APFSDS > <1 mil GPR
Reliability >98%
Supports ‘coincidence’ fire control solution

Despite plans to use the 40 mm CTAS, a competition in 2005 led to Lockheed Martin and BAE submitting bids. In 2011, BAE was eliminated, leaving Lockheed Martin as the sole contender. By 2012, the programme aimed for full operational capability by 2020, with fewer than 400 vehicles being upgraded.

In 2011 the £1 billion contract was granted and this included £358 million for government-issued equipment, projecting the cost per vehicle at £2.6 million. Lockheed Martin’s contract planned to extend the fleet’s service life into the 2040s.

Below are my sources, this is my 1st suggestion and took me a lot of research and actually a long time to type this out in a understandable manner 🙂


Youtube Search:
WARRIOR UPGRADE: Is This The Future Of The British Army’s Armoured Fighting Vehicle? (Forces News)

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+1 Hell yes!

I wouldn’t say that it suffers but an improved one would be great to have. +1 from me.


As someone that despises the warriors fire rate, 200 rounds a minute sounds like heaven.

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Im guessing its because its technically our highest. Its probably fine at or around its intended BR (i dont use it much nor do I play that BR). But it has to keep us going till all the way to 11.7.

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I’m all for this one. UK needs more IFVs, especially since the RARDEN is kinda crap (though the Fox is rapidly convincing me otherwise). +1

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Was this not already passed to the developers in August 2023?


Yes it was… mods man how do they work?

First question isn’t Lockheed American. Second aren’t they a company that manufactures planes? so why do they have a tank and why is it British.

Lockheed British Branch my fella

ah okay.

This would be good at like 9.7 / 10.0

Yes and i didnt see it until after😭

It could be. Would be the ideal bracket for one of them at least. To join our actually half decent 10.3 lineup

It is on par or better than the strv9040c and that’s 10.0, could see it at 10.0 or 10.3.

Desert warrior is 10.0… and the desert warrior would be better as it has 4 TOWs. So this would have to be below 10.0 at like 9.7

why? the strf9040c is 10.0 with basically the same stats of 170mm of pen, gen thermals and air burst ammo?

And Warrior would have more first stage ammo. It would be such a blast for me to play since I absolute love the 9040s.

Would love to see more light tank platforms in the game +1

Cant have 2 IFVs in the same line at 10.0 unless desert warrior goes to 10.3 which im kinda for.