British Aircraft going down in rank

With the new rank changes to help with the grind, Gaijin placed several aircraft at a lower rank to mirror their BR. Some aircraft make sense while others seem like a complete contradiction of themselves. For example the Blackburn Firebrand and the Bristol Beaufighter Mk.21 is going to Rank II with their Br’s being 4.0 and 3.7 respectively. However there are 4 main reasons why I personally think this is a stupid change. These being the Grumman F6F Hellcat Mk II, the Westland Wyvern, the Westland Whirlwind, and the Bristol Brigand. The Hellcat is 3.3 while still at Rank III, the Whirlwind and Brigand was moved from Rank IV to rank III with their respective Br’s of 3.7 and 4.0, and the Wyvern is Rank IV with a 4.0 Br. So my advice is to replace the Beau Mk.21 with the Whirlwind in the folder with the Brigand and to move the Firebrand back to Rank III. If they stay at the current rank Britain loses two very good ground strike aircraft to use for daily’s or events and the only non-premium rank III plus torpedo bomber with a good torpedo and it seems like that’s what Gaijin wants: to remove the only non-premium so players who want to use a Torpedo bomber post rank III will either have to buy the Hellcat or the Wyvern, or play a different nation all together.

All the non-premium Hellcats (US and France) are down to rank 2 and ours only stays there because it’s a premium. It’s a long established policy that premiums can’t move down in rank; only up.

But likewise I am annoyed that the Firebrand has gone down because I found it useful for tasks like you, as a torpedo bomber and general strike aircraft with 4 hispanos. I can only hope we get a Sea Mosquito TR.33/37 very soon to put something of that ilk back in rank 3.

I’m also perplexed that the majority of Britain rank 3 is now 5.0 fighters where every other tree generally has rank 3 in the 3.0-4.7 region. Heck if you’re playing arcade, the Spitfire Mk Vc is a whopping 5.7 and will routinely encounter jets.

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