Bring Back Points Scored For Cooperative Work (Points Gained from Proximity)

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(This post is a complete Repost of this thread in the Old Forum)

The situation: As of the Update: Ground Breaking, when I play Air RB (perhaps this applies to Ground and Naval as well, but I haven’t played them enough to notice), I no longer gain points for being damaged or near enemy aircraft. Looking it up on the changelog, things that may related to this change are listed as:

The accrual of score when being close to the enemy (relevant for all types of vehicles) has been removed.

Which falls under the caveat of:

Please note! The changes listed below relate to the stat points where players are sorted in the respective in-game menus, and do not affect Silver Lions and / or Research Points earnings for the mentioned actions.

The problem: Despite of what it said, I do feel like the sudden lack of points does affect my SL and RP gain. You might say that the solution is simply “get good,” and sought only to get points from direct enemy kills; but that contradicts the viability of a support playstyle. As a personal example, I am a Japanese aircraft main; the nation of paper planes where aggressive playstyle will get you shot down more than not. So we use our agility to our advantage to bait the enemy or linger around the map until there are stragglers to pick off without the worry of being ganged up upon. With this new update, you can bait for your team all you want, get shot at in the process and you come out of the match with 0 points. Which means that despite your efforts, you are actually losing money in the form of spent bullets.

The solution: Return the point gain to pre-update mechanic. And if I am wrong about the SL and RP gain being unrelated to this scoring as the caveat mentions, at the very least it gives some credit to the people who play support roles that aid the team’s battle outcome.


Honestly I never thought it went away.

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I think for light tanks spgs and scout uavs should get this

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