BR sbilanciamento

Good morning, can you explain to me why everything is so damn unbalanced? We’ve all been complaining for ten years now and this game which in my opinion is not a simulation but is purely a fantasy game goes from bad to worse with each passing year. The more you level up, the more complicated everything becomes. Units that collide with twenty years of different production, bombers that are unfortunately made of tissue paper, just a couple of taps and they go down like broken kites (B-29 has a 0% survival rate, published by gaijinn).

Helicopters against obsolete tanks that have no chance, small and poorly made maps, much less regular ones. Full of hackers sniping you from across the map even at low ages. You shoot, and the bullet disappears into thin air. You take cover behind a dead tank carcass, and they blow you to smithereens, and in the replay the carcass is gone. In my life I never remember a game having all these myriads of endless and never-ending problems, and it gets worse and worse every year. Exorbitant repair and vehicle costs, personally I play without Premium and the search for vehicles has become exhausting.
Germany has two super heavy tanks and why don’t the other nations?
To earn 500 thousand leones it takes a month by playing every day, absurd but true.
Can you explain to me why you simply can’t play for Era? That is to say:
Era 1 vs Era 1
Era 2 vs Era 2
Era 3 vs Era 3
Era 4 vs Era 4
Era 5 vs Era 5
Era 6 vs Era 6
Era 7 vs Era 7
Now I wonder, but gaijinn, are they a group of people who are part of the protected categories or were they born with mental illness?
People have been complaining about this for over a decade and you gaijinn aren’t fixing things. Shame on you.

te lo dico così for service ma sui forum internazionali si dovrebbe scrivere in inglese.
p.s c’è la sezione italiana dentro il forum ma devi mettere la categoria corretta!

Ok grazie mille