BR CHANGE,we need to stop gaijin of ruining the game,please we can do it together

Nah it’s what I said. What are you on about? You can’t be serious with the ChatGPT response.


So you think the br’s are fine now? I will respect your opinion but i think they made the fun 5.3 tier the new suffer 6.7 that is not enjoyable,remember that this is a game,a sim game,need to be real but also fun.

ChatGPT is super stupid now, trust Kubinka test reports

E50,a replace for the Tiger II,like a Tiger II jumbo,the replace for the panther would been the Panther F with smachlturm and the Panthers II F and G but they couldnt do them

E50 was a standardization of the Panther.

Wikipedia is not reliable,everyone can edit the inform,chat gpt use information from reliable webs to find the information

Please,just read some books like The total war or the helper of the devil by Jochen Peiper leader of the panzer brigade where you can see they mention the Tiger II B and the II H,they are different tanks,the H variant was a low cost version with less armor,the B was the first variant and the most produced

Only 2,made for the berlin defense,a low cost tiger II,they made a lot of low cost vehicles as the waffentragger that was a option to have a good gun but without armor and a bad engine

No, nope, never. There was 50 Tigers 2 with porshe variant turret. It sayed by kubinka.

Panther II and Tiger II 10.5 were built in mockups,they were accepted prototypes,the fact is that germany was losing the war and they were not able to make anything,the flakpanzer 341 coelian is just a panther chasis with a Ostwind II gun,the Ostwind II was also a prototype,but the Ostwind I was real.

Maybe it’s just me, but usually most of the BR changes make sense to me and are healthy to the game. Of course, a bit more decompression is never a bad thing.

Could be different because I play AB and/or play all nations, so I’m not heavily biased towards one in particular.

This time I’m especially happy about the uptiering of the Object 279 and KV-220 (and I own both of them).

“Please go read these extremely specific books and not use any other sources you find!”

Tiger 2H = Tiger 2 ausf B

Panther 2 and Tiger 2 105 are both fully fake in War Thunder. The Panther 2 exists in real life but is not the vehicle shown in War Thunder. The Tiger 2 105 is fully fictional.

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ChatGPT is often wrong… Relying on it to make your arguments can make you super wrong.


AHAHAHAHAHAHA Thanks for giving me a good laugh…

Wait… were you serious about the last one? You’re kidding.

Stop trolling. It isn’t funny. Tiger II Ausf B, short for, Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausführung B Königstiger was the King Tiger/Royal Tiger. The variants produced were as follows:
(P) and (H). The Ausführung B was the WHOLE tank. It’s like Panzer IV F, there is F1, and there is F2. Panzer VI Ausf B (P) and Ausf B (H).

Please state your sources otherwise.

The IS-3 went up too, so the Tiger E doesn’t see it. Also the M41 could already see the IS-6 at 7.3, they both went up 0.3 this patch.

Also what are you smoking when you’re ranting about Tiger 2’s?

I wonder if this guy is confused by the Porsche VK45.01(P) - the Porsche submission for the Tiger 1?? A dozen or so turreted tanks were made, 1 was used in combat, and all plus more hulls without turrets were converted to Ferdinand/Elephants.

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This BR changes is very badddd !!

1 Of the command variant was used in combat as command tank for the late war upgraded ferdinand unit and was destroyed in its first combat action. The porche tiger itself was not used in combat.

They uptiered the M15/42 Contraereo, my beloved, for no reason apparently.