BR CHANGE,we need to stop gaijin of ruining the game,please we can do it together

Guys, remember what we did as a community a few months ago with the changes in the game’s economy. If we all unite against Gaijin, we can make them revert the Battle Ratings to how they were before. Now, a Jumbo has to face a Tiger II H, a Tiger E has to face an IS3, an M26 has to face an IS4, a Tiger H1 has to face Pershings, and an American M41 with APDS has to face an IS6. They had the audacity to increase the BR of the French AMX 50, but they didn’t increase the BR of the Somua SM, which is much better and now has a lower BR than the AMX. Do you know why? Because it’s a premium vehicle, and they only want to take our money by making us have a bad experience with the free vehicles offered in the game. And let’s not forget that Russia, as always, is the only one not being affected by the balance changes. They only slightly increased the BR of some vehicles that were known to be too strong and annoying. Furthermore, let’s remember everything they do to make us pay. The Maus, Tiger II 10.5, and Flakpanzer 341 were more than possible vehicles, but they removed them because they wanted to. They only left the vehicles that they were interested in keeping. For example, the Ostwind II was only a prototype, the Tiger P was only produced once and not used, and the Tiger II H was not the most produced version of the Tiger II. In fact, only 22 of these were produced. The version P was also a prototype, and only 2 units were produced. Moreover, these were the last Tiger II models to be produced. But the most produced Tiger II in history was the Tiger II Ausf B, which is not even present in the game. Approximately 230 to 250 units of this version were produced. The VK3008 is not even a Panther prototype. The real VK3008 is the name given to a prototype that you may know as the E50, which was intended to be the replacement for the Tiger II.We are a strong community,if we act together we will make them think about if they are doing wrong things.


50 units of Porshe turret

Seems like they are going back to their old ways


They did uptier the Somua.

Also, while I do think the BR changes are a bit silly, I also don’t think they’re fully scuffed. If gaijin wasn’t dumb they could easily do all the changes they are doing now ALONG WITH more decompression above to really help out this BR. My only problem is the lack of decompression above this change to facilitate it

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Bro,there is no VK3008 in the game. It´s VK 3002 and its indeed a Panther prototype. Tiger with Henschel turret were the majority of em all btw. Porsche ones were over 30 aswell. Tiger II Ausf.B is you mistaking the name as actual german KT name was Pzkpfw. VI Ausf.B Tiger

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No,only 2 were produced,but that not the matter,we need to do something like when they changed the economy of the game.And yeah,the Tiger II P was the last Tiger II,only a prototype who germany asked for 50 units,but they only built 2 because of the less material they had at the moment.

This also isn’t the issue. Prototypes are always fine in WT. The issue was the 341 was not finished being built and the Tiger 2 105 and Panther 2 were both FULLY fake.

IS-3 is 7.3 and the Tiger E is 6.0, they cant face eachother.

example of the smartest german main


My bad!!! You have the reason,but the real point of what im saying is that we need to make something,and the Tiger II B is not in the game,H and B are different variants

This is ignorant. There were dozens produced of the P variant. Bovington museum has one now.


Uhm, this makes me think you’re a troll?

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Tiger II B is literally any KT, be it with Porsche or Henschel turret. Both are Pzkpfw. VI Ausf.B Tiger.


Yes… Also known as the TIGER 2 H

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Assuming you mean VK 32.01M… its very much the panther’s prototype.

Im a EEUU and Israel main you can check my profile in the game is TukiTactic01, imagine a player who bought the Tiger II P,then he is obliged to play with a Tiger II P and then when he die with the Tiger E or the Panther D,A,G or F it is not a good thing.

The E50 was intended for a replacement for the PANTHER.

That is the players fault for not having a lineup, not the games problem.

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(actually 50, exactly 50)


(wasnt even a prototype, serviced and fielded vehicle, the history is actually that porsche ordered 50 turrets from krupp’s earlier curved design for their own heavy tank. Their own heavy tank failed, and Germany then used the earlier sloped Krupp turrets on the new Tiger 2 hulls coming out.)

It’s funny that people still say porsche and henschel turret. Both are Krupp turrets. Neither had literally anything to do with Porshe OR henschel.


Different armour,different engine and more,there were 3 variants of the Tiger II,the tiger II ausf B was the better and the more produced Tiger II,the tiger II H was a low cost Tiger II B also produced by henschell,and the tiger II P was the lower cost Tiger II and the last of the variants