BOV-1 / POLO M-83 (2016)

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BOV-1 / POLO M-83 (2016)

History and Description

Throughout the years, several improvements have been implemented on the Serbian BOV-1 (also known as M-83 POLO) in order to extend its service life. Most of these improvements focused on improving the vehicle’s firepower. Unfortunately, none of them made it past the testing stage. The first improvement came in the early 90s and was the introduction of the upgraded Malyutka 9M14P1 missile with an extended nose probe called Malyutka 9M14P1B1. Its penetration was increased from 460 to 580 mm of RHA. Then, during the early 2010s, two brand-new missiles appeared: the Malyutka 9M14-2F and 2T. The first variant is armed with a thermobaric warhead that is very effective against light vehicles, while the latter variant has a tandem cumulative warhead that penetrates 800 mm of RHA behind ERA. Both were seen on BOV-1 at the Partner 2015 military fair in Belgrade. The most significant improvement occurred in 2016 when the ATGM carrier was displayed in Zrenjanin at the “Begej” military parade. Besides receiving new optics with a thermal sight, BOV-1 also received the latest Malyutka 2T5 missile. Compared to its predecessors the ATGM is faster, has a longer range, and penetrates up to 1000 mm of RHA behind ERA. In contrast to older wire-guided variants, this one features radio guidance. It’s also worth noting that the M86 7.62mm machine gun was removed. The improved BOV-1 was also shown at a parade in Novi Sad in October later that year and at the Partner military fair in 2017. The vehicle was on display at the 2019 Partner fair with redesigned but functionally identical Malyutka 2T5 missiles.


  • Essentials
    • Length; 5.76 m
    • Width; 2.53 m
    • Height without turret; 1.99 m
    • Height with turret; > 2.84 m
    • Ground Clearance; 0.33 m
    • Track; 1.90 m
    • Wheelbase; 2.75 m
    • Mass; 8.9 t
    • Driver NVD, gunner thermals
    • Crew; 3
    • Four-wheel drive (4x4)
  • Protection
    • Armor; 6-8mm (protects from 7.62mm)
    • APS; N/A
    • ERA; N/A
    • Smoke; 4x BDK M79 smoke grenades
  • Mobility
    • Engine; Deutz F6L413 6-cylinder diesel, 110 kW, 150 hp at 2650 rpm
    • Power/weight; 16.8 hp/t, 12.37 kW/t
    • Transmission; 1 reverse gear, 5 forward gears
    • Top speed; 93.4 kph
    • Cross-country; 40-45 kph
    • Amphibious; No
    • Gradient; 55%
    • Side slope; 30%
    • Vertical obstacle; 0.54 m
    • Trench; 0.64 m
    • Fording depths; 1.10 m
    • Turning radius; 10.0 m
  • Firepower
    • Main;
      • 9M14 ATGM launcher
        • Stabilizer; No
        • Elevation; -5° / +10°
        • Traverse; 360°
        • Turret rotation speed; 80°/s
        • Zoom; 8-12x
        • Ammunition; unknown
        • Belt capacity; 6 missiles
        • Types of missiles;
          • 9M14P1B1 Malyutka (SACLOS)
            • Penetration: 460 mm
            • Speed: 120 m/s
            • Max firing distance: 3000 m
            • Weight; 11 kg
            • Warhead caliber; 120 mm
            • Wire-guided
          • 9M14-2T Malyutka (SACLOS)
            • Penetration; 800 mm behind ERA
            • Speed; 120 m/s
            • Max firing distance: 3000 m
            • Weight; 12.9 kg
            • Warhead caliber; 120 mm
            • Wire-guided
          • 9M14-2F Malyutka (SACLOS)
            • Explosive mass (TNT equivalent); 8 kg
            • Speed; 120 m/s
            • Max firing distance: 3000 m
            • Weight; 12.5 kg
            • Warhead caliber; 120 mm
            • Wire-guided
          • 9M14-2T5 Malyutka (SACLOS)
            • Penetration; 1000 mm behind ERA
            • Speed; 200 m/s
            • Max firing distance: 5000 m
            • Weight; 26 kg
            • Warhead caliber; 142 mm
            • Radio-guided
BOV-1 / POLO M-83 (2016)

Modernized BOV-1 on parade in Novi Sad in 2016

Modernized BOV-1 on display at the “Partner 2017” military fair. Missiles from left to right: 2x Malyutka 2T5, Malyutka 2F, Malyutka 2T, 2x Malyutka 2T5

Modernized BOV-1 on “Sloboda 2019” military parade at “Colonel-pilot Milenko Pavlović” military airport

Close-up of the launch system

Test firing of Malyutka missile





Malyutka 9M14P1B1

Malyutka 2T and 2F

Malyutka 2T5 (2016 version)

Malyutka 2T5 (2017 version)

Test firing of Malyutka 2T5


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