Boosters need a rework

Lately, I’ve burned through a lot of boosters that I have saved up to use once I got my first jet, however 50 boosters were burned through and the effectiveness of their use is…underwhelmingly poor as you could have gone through a few good games with low boosters on that you decide you want to use your triple digit boosters that are only good for one match only to get destroyed in the very early stages of the battle; having it last x matches kind of blows and often a waste of time for the players who aren’t all too good at the game and instead should last for hours rather than matches, to help increase the time to research opportunity. I wouldn’t mind if my triple digit boosters only lasted 2 or 3 hours.

The grind is sufferable and majority of the games are uptiers with very few downtiers or equal tier (which is by far the rarest, imho). I feel like there definitely needs to be a better balance to grind tiers at a relatively steady pace than to research 530,000 RP at a rate of 1,000 - 10,000 RP per match as an average or below-average player; I understand the developers offer a Free-to-Play service that is sorely designed as a cash grab to a player who is into this game without the funds to spend for the Premium services and vehicles. Just pitching ideas here, and as a player who has Premium Account, it nonetheless drags the experience of the game to enjoy, especially if you are the completionist to obtain every tech-tree in the game.

*Important notation:
I do acknowledge that progressing through the tech tree at a faster pace than what it is now may lead to complications that less experienced players struggling to understand the big change in how dogfights happen; yet I could see this as a beneficial factor that more players will come to enjoy the game and be more interested in learning mechanics more thoroughly and also help with having a better match making experience in my honest opinion while also researching various countries and different play style and at this rate with more content being pumped out by Gaijin, a rebalancing should happen as there’s so many forces to research and the average player on War Thunder will struggle to research 2-3 tech trees a year against the players that live on this game who can sufficiently spend a lot more time playing and able to complete half of the entire vehicle collection in less than 3 to 6 months and the more advanced players can research the entire game in a matter of weeks.

Not sure if Gaijin will ever implement a better system but I must not be the only once who is struggles to achieve more than three kills a match to gain the RP booster effect due to the nature of how War Thunder’s matchmaking is with BRs drastically affecting the game as you go in higher tiers as a less advanced player who is pitted against players that have racked up thousands of hours.

I would also like to note that I have been playing this game since its release in 2012 on and off with this game as a F2P player and only recently became a Premium user. I have left the game with my highest BR on the US as ground and air at rank III (last time I was playing with an average record of playtime was 2017) . One month later and I am at Rank V. The grinding experience kind of kills the game but I have been focused on achieving a full tech-tree on Ground, Air and Helicopters.