Bol pods for the F-15C MSIP II

Are we getting them or nah?


pod bol would be very welcome

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As much as i would like to get them, having a second horde of Russian/French/German mains planesplaining why the F-15 is such a superior aircraft compared to their counterparts is not something that i would like to witness and discuss again.

Let it have the 240 CMs, though BOL pods may be welcome in future F-15 variants.

That’s the funny thing, in reality the F15 is a joke of an aircraft compared to European designs. However, Gaijin have not accurately modeled the flight model. Bol pods would be fine if they took a hatchet to the currently overperforming plane, but if they don’t, yanks can fuck off.

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F-15 does not over-perform.
Its turn rate in-game is identical to its IRL charts.
Its flight model is equivalent to DCS’s flight model as well.

The only way F-15 over-performs is it being 12.3.


To this I say; RTFM.

It took 5 European countries 11 years (from 1983 to 1994 when first flight of tranche 1 happened) to make something that was on par/better than the F-15C MSIP II (the OG MSIP 2 with AN/APG 70, no JHMCS) The MSIP 2 was already introduced in 1985, whereas (and I’m being generous by using 1st tranche 1 produced instead of introduction date) in 1994. That’s 9 years. If we consider it to be introduction date that gap is 18 years. To put it into perspective, someone born at the same time as the MSIP 2 could have enlisted into the RAF to work with early typhoons.

The AN/APG 70 had a 120-140km range against a standard radar target (range variation bc some sources said it was just a maintenance upgrade while others stated a performance advantage over apg63) Captor-M has 185km range against a 1m^2 target, in radar EFT wins for now (wait for the comparison against a contemporary US radar)

Top speed the eagle wins obv, combined thrust is 47,540 lbf with 220’s. EFT’s 2 EJ200 produce a total of 40,400 lbf. F-15C gross weight (used wikipedia as it was heavier than other numbers I found) is 44,500 lb. This leads to a 1.07 TTW for the 15C, with 1.26 for loaded weight and 50% fuel. EFT weighs 35,274 lb gross weight, with 1.15 TTW.

The ferry range of the F-15C with CFT and 3 drop tanks is 5,600km but for EFT it is 5382km (this number is for fgr 4 so it could be higher than for tranche 1 which is what I’m comparing) F-15C has better ferry range.

Weaponry wise they were pretty similar, for early tranche 1 AIM-120, AIM-9, IRIS-T and ASRAAM was used F-15C used AIM-9 and AIM-120. Tranche 1 had 8 AAM pylons, same # as 15C. Mauser BK-27 vs M61A1 I personally think the m61 is better for air to air.

Air performance idk much about, EFT is better in most ways but 15C has a few advantages in a dogfight I’m sure.

The EFT has much better stats than the F-15C MSIP 2 but remember, the MSIP was introduced in 1985 while the EFT was introduced in 2003, and before this Europe has no real competitor for the F-15C, and it took 5 countries (4 by the end of the project) to become on par/better than the OG MSIP 2 from 1985. But wait, what US aircraft was introduced and developed around the same time as the EFT? The F-22.

F-22 earliest production radar: AN/APG 77 with 295km range vs 1m^2 target. Demolishes Tranche 1 in radar.
F-22 effectively undetectable to Captor-M. F-22 faster, more manueveravility due to thrust vectoring. TTW with gross weight is 1.08 with 70000lbf combined thrust and 64840 lb gross weight for f22. At typical combat load it has a TTW of 1.25 full burner. This outclasses the typhoons full burner TTW. It beats the tranche 1 (similar time as first f22’s) in radar and aerial performance. It is also equipped with IR reducing measures. In A2A config it has 6 AIM-120C-7 and AIM-9M-9 (2005-07 F-22 vs Tranche 1 EFT so it has C-7 and 9M-9) The 22 wins in BVR and has good chances WVR. The EFT is only really absolutely superior in ferry/combat range.

F-15 is absolutely not a joke of an aircraft. It was the worlds best air superiority fighter from 1972 to 2003 when EFT was introduced. EFT held title of best in air superiority from 2003 to 2005 when F-22 was introduced and even then it’s debatable due to late F-16 and even more upgraded F-15, as well as Rafale.

It isn’t even really over performing, almost all of its stats are in line with credible sources and F-15C MSIP 2 in-game is even lacking a bit in engine power and radar range.


Bro fr just shit on all the European countries in a bol pods discussion (really love the eagle)(bro is right)


60 km of range to be exact and it should have a long range boresight mode (68 km) oh yeah and supersearch

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Ugh what…

For what aircraft/radar I talked in depthish about 3

Love the quality and depth of this reply.

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Thanks I spent a little over an hour researching all the info lol

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Tomorrow morning the dev server will close and the update be released (maybe). So no BOL for the F-15

Update highly likely will be released after end of tge event.

Cool so you don’t want that European designed countermeasure pod…Nice might as well close this post then

Excuse me, what?

Are you utterly incompetent?

This aircraft has no deaths(besides crashes).

This aircraft has shot down a SATELLITE


the state of the f-15c radar is the biggest disappointment so far tbh


Such as? Its European counterparts would enter service 30 years after the initial F-15A, only to be equivalent in capability to the contemporary F-15C’s. The F-15 rightly earned its high place on the totem pole of 4th generation fighters


That moment when someone says something stupid. Gets called out by everyone, and then disappears.