BM Oplot: Heir from Kharkov

Well, now that T80UD is officially in the next update in the Soviet tee, I see no reason why more vehicles from the ukraine can’t be added in the same tree.
Inb4 oplot BM as an event vehicle.

If it does come to the Soviet tree, definitely shouldn’t be an event vehicle. Should be researchable

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I wish it was like that but given that T-80UD will be a soviet premium, most likely BM Oplot will be premium as well.

I would hope it’s not a premium, it deserves its spot in the research tree. The T-80UD makes sense being a premium, although it would work in the research tree as well.

Me neither, I´d rather see a more developed KhTZ tree line but sadly I think we´ll be getting a BM Oplot a a premium in like 1-2 years from now.

When you say 360mm ke protection for Duplet, is that for a single block/layer of ERA, or rather for the full combination of multiple layers?

On the hull we have 2 layers of ERA but on the turret and side skirts ERA we have 3. The turret is a little more tricky, as the ERA is stacked in unusual fashion, but still, your hitting atleast 2 layers in most spots atleast.

I think it’s reasonable to assume a single Duplet ERA tile to be worth more thank contact 5, and possibly the same if not superior to Relict, but I was woundering how exactly you were counting it when you said 360.

probably duplet the ERA its thicker than the armor itself wich its rather funny

I consider 360mm to be the total combined effect of all ERA layers.

300mm for the top layer and 60mm for the second (the efficiency of the second is lower since there is a thick sheet of steel in front of it).




Is this final, total value of ERA effectiveness?
I was kinda waiting for bigger effect on rounds.

Theres is no indication that separation layer is made out ballistic steel.

Microtek claims Duplet efficiency of up to 60 percent (which is what I translate as 360mm) while Nozh (single layer) is claimed as 50 percent. If we take both claims at face value, both have greater effect than Relikt. Main practical difference in terms of performance between Nozh and Duplet is that the latter is effective vs tandem HEAT.

I guess if we’re were just trying to look at a single layer of Duplet/Nizh, but given the claims and prefromance we’ve seen from it, a single layer should be close in prefromance to relict, and definitely superior to Kontact 5. This means that in game we could see values around 200mm or greater, and then maybe a nerf to interior ERA tiles on the UFP