Bigger maps in SB

Do we know what the in-game limitations are?

Would love this, but bigger maps they should reduce the fuel burn by like 1.5x as the current fuel burn isnt enough for way larger maps

This is actually pretty much modelled in game realistically afaik. When you’re cruising on military power at sea level, “10 seconds of fuel” goes by in that… 10 seconds, however if you get up to cruising altitude, you’re not only faster (around 6% faster without afterburner, much faster with afterburner), but you also burn through fuel much slower. going through “10 seconds of fuel” at this altitude takes 28 seconds. So both these things considered you’re almost about 200% (3 times) more fuel efficient at altitude. The afterburner is also about twice as efficient at altitude but you’re much faster

I did this test with the Gripen at pretty much sea level 100 meters, and at 10,000 meters.

Will also give incentive to carry fuel-tanks

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And also more accurate fuel amounts.

I believe they’re accurate already? Any jet you have in mind? I believe the M4K recently got fixed in this regard.

Larger maps would encourage flying high, which would encourage BVR fights

With the addition of many all-around fighters such as the F-15, F-16, MIG-29SU-27 and the MIRAGE-4000, it has become very difficult to find a suitable role for Close Air Support aircraft in the Air Simulator (Referred to 'SIMonwards) game mode. With the SU-25T being at 11.3 in SIM as of the update ‘Alpha Strike’, this aircraft has lost its worth within this game mode as it is already lacking in maneuverability and general Speed/ Reliability. The SU-25T very often has to face superior F14s in the BR brackets in SIM. In addition to thatthe SU-25T allies tend to be more useful in the battlefield, for instance MIG-23s and other aircraft.

I believe that if the maps had a vast increase in size, all aircraft would have the chance to display their necessary powerThe SU-25s would compete with other CAS aircraft in taking down opposing ground units while the fighters are fighting for the skies at the same time.

If map sizes in SIM would be increased, the time taken to travel from point A to B would be much longer. My suggestion would be that the rewards would be increased for the compensation of flying for a longer distance. I also believe that this change in map size could go up to 1000km x 1000km rather than having the 128km x 128km on bigger maps such as Sinai.