BF 109 planes are too OP and should be nerfed

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bro u just got outplayed.

you barely have enough battles to have learn how to fly. focus on learning the game instead of complaining on the forums


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Look I already have BR 3.0, so I know how to fly. It’s because BF 109 are just too OP. I once saw an enemy player wiping out my entire team.
Also I am making my stats private so you can’t use them against me.

Also I changed the replies to be less rude.

Lmao! Funniest posts I’ve probably ever seen 💀

Like others said, learn how to fly before complaining. Learn how to fight a 109 properly 😂

Lol if you did you wouldn’t be complaining about 109’s

They’re really not, you just need to learn how to fight them and fly the planes your using…

A good player can do that in any fighter or even an attacker 😂

You can’t make them private in game 😉


BR 3.0 isnt even where the best BF-109s are…
wait until 4.7 lo.
act is…
Bf-109s are one of the harder planes to fly and force you to have a high skill level.
the best plane is the P-51H.


Just wait until you meet players in spitfire’s and you change your mind that 109’s are op :D
And gl when starting to face yak’s.
You gotta long and rocky road ahead, and assuming from this post, it could be best option to just quit now, and switch to a more nerve friendly game.
And no Candy crush saga will not work , since some stages are too OP and rigged , and only luck can get it trough

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I bet someones trying to turn fight 109’s 😂

Can’t wait for the threads about spitfires and Yaks 😂

Also @Brozma_Doom_to_y the 190 is already nerfed so let’s not nerf another German plane

But always remember to head on those 190’s , those got weak cannons ;D

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Yeah, and make sure to keep turn fighting 109’s in you P-38 😉


I mean there is reason why your P-38 E & later variants were withdrawn from fighter duties in the ETO - they were good planes, but nood good enough to beat 109s…

The highest scoring US pilots flew in the Pacific and played energy & BnZ…

True, so maybe that guy just need to buy the skill and get F-20 packet since missile games on top tier are lot easyer. There’s actually nearly no gunfighting , no bombers just enjoyable flying and occasional missile dodges. But that’s why those got flares, so no missile can hit you.

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I was playing the Bf 109 F-2 recently and I never got more than 5 kills per match.

First match flying the A-36 and P-38 today:


Those poor 3.0 pilots who all knew how to fly 😫

Lol yeah

Poor American pilots having to think when they fly 😂


Well, if you don’t have any knowledge of air combat, the later US planes are probably the hardest to use.

The game tutorial doesn’t teach you anything other than to point your gun at the enemy.

A turn fighter is pretty self-explantory but other planes are much harder to use, especially since you need to a lot more knowledge about the enemies plane other than “I’m turning better”.

Yeah, but after a few games I’d hope you’d realize not to turn fight in US planes, and try another tactic 😂