Bbr 5.3 Shermans are useless

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The 76 is great when fighting panthers and the tiger1h. Any flat piece of hull armor on the tiger you can pen. Panthers can be hit through the cheeks of the turret or their side if they show a small part of it. Just dont exect to just aim center mass and pen most things like you could in lower br games.


By the time I aim at the cheeks of the Panther, the would have shot me dead already
Have tried firing sides of Tiger with very less efficiency
and forget about the t34 85s

blud forgot the jumbo the jumbo is so good

Sounds like you just need to practice more. The sherman is not going to be a brawler. It gets a stabilizer which can help a lot too. Honestly, I think that the american 76 is hard to aim because it feels like it has a an odd shell drop.


Does the pen marker not stop this from being an issue. In theory the stab allows a quicker “on target” response. But in AB it will be more difficult to make use of side on attacks since people are mainly spotted.

You dont have to be fully side on to oen the panthers side. If they angle a little, you can get through. Pen marker is never 100% perfect.

Well,… let’s say it otherwise :

SHERMANS (all of them) needs a player that will play intelligently, in order to have good rates.

It’s possible to destroy every tanks of BR+1.0 from front with 76mm, but it might take times to be familiarized to it.

However, even the 75mm gun is able to destroy a Kingtiger-H (and by extension, the Tiger E too) from the sides.

Against Tiger E sides, even AP 40mm bofors is capable of getting through it.

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An angled shot is never going to be as brutal as getting on someones side unaware (or a group too tunnel visioned). You also won’t be facing the enemies gun!

But the pen marker will give a pretty good idea of drop up to a certain range. The German guns here are of course a lot more accurate (feel) with better scopes for fine tuning shots.

I hated the Panthers when I first met them years ago with solid shot needing to find spots to get through when they could effectively blat me anywhere (until you use a Panther then see its own drawbacks ofc).

Yeah, a full on side shot will be more damaging but hit the upper corner of the panthers side from a frontal angle will usually one shot because there is an ammo rack there. I do feel like the american guns at that br range are the weakest among the “big 4” nations.

Okay, tried my luck in several battles.
In some of the battles I could fight the Tigers but these Panthers are becoming a nightmare for me… hull down, they can one shot me from anywhere no matter even if their shells hit my gun mantelet

On the other hand I am enjoying my PZs decimating their corresponding tier Shermans.

Strange! Were these Sherman’s so useless those days?

The 5.3 Shermans are up to 1.0 BR lower than Tigers and Panthers - why would you expect them to be completely competitive in the first place??

Being able to kill them in common but limited circumstances is EXACTLY the performance you should expect.

By “up to” you mean 5.3 for the Shermans and 5.7 for the Panther D, or a .4 split? The A, G, and F are all 6.0, or .7 above. Oh, and the 3002 (M) is a mere 5.0 compared to the Shermans, while significantly faster and better armed and armored.

The Tigers are fairer thanks to their flat armor, but not even the 90mm on the M4/T26, T25, or M26 is much help against Panthers considering you still can’t reliably pen the hull and the mantlet is still volumetric hell and with smaller, harder to hit cheeks than you have.

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76mm Shermans are very good tanks…their rate of fire and mobility makes them very good brawlers, actually. The gun is very good for the BR and the odds of a kill are better than average. They are dangerous enemies for any tank at their BR.
BUT…there is a “but” for every tank in War Thunder…they are not meant to do long range shooting versus Tigers/Panthers and overall the Tiger is better.
There are a lot of easier to kill targets on the battlefield for sure…and with some luck/skill you can kill Tigers and Panthers…other than the not so easy side shot, you can usually aim at turret or body and get a penetrable spot.
Also…most 76mm Shermans carry the APCR round that can usually penetrate most enemies frontally…you just lose some killing power…
They tried 76mm Shermans at 5.0 and they were perhaps too deadly…so they moved up…not sure if they should be 5.3 or 5.0, but on either they are actaully very effective in general and not even close to being in the “useless” list…lots of worse tanks out there…

The fact you think its easy to pen a Panther or Tiger thanks to volumetric hell is laughable… but not as laughable as the fact you think APCR is worth a damn against anything with sloped armor, an angled position, or both on account of how bad the slope modifiers are. Oh, and Gaijin refuses to give the USA smoke mortars on its Shermans for some reason (despite the German Sherman having it!), so you’re unable to conceal yourself (like for ducking down a side street in CQC maps) save chucking a smoke shell.

As to worse vehicles… only in minor nations thanks to how Gaijin treats them. The T–34-85 D-5T has a good gun and well-protected frontal turret that’s also heavily-rounded. The IS-1 is 5.3 and its armor is at worst incredibly resistant to the 76mm gun in every aspect save the rear arc.

Learn to aim,… i can destroy panthers with 3.3 BR M4 and those have 75mm gun,… with far less penetration.

The M4(76) is capable of destroying any Panther in turret, even at range.

The M4(76) is capable of destroying any Tiger I in hull, and KT (P) at range in turret, and from range.

Why does “learn to aim” never seem to apply to Germany though?

It does apply to Germans but only at 9.3 and above. At that point you’ll have LRF and darts which will do most of the aiming for you though.

After multiple tries, I gave up fighting the Panthers in my Shermans. By the time I aim, they would have decimated me.
I switched to Russians. And I am enjoying them.

If you don’t memorise weak spots religiously, you won’t get very far with a German 6.7 lineup (RB tiers, I know, but still). You categorically, absolutely need to know where to hit, especially with the Jagdtiger, 18 second reload with an aced crew means you cannot afford to waste your shots.

You meet plenty of stuff at this BR that you can’t lolpen, even with the 128.

The various American T- series heavies, IS-3, IS-6, Object 268, Tortoise, Tutel, SU 122 54, Somua, stop me any time. All of these require that you know their weakspots, or good luck penning them. Even medium tanks like the T-44s have UFPs capable of bouncing your APHEs.

You either know your shot placement, or you die. It’s what makes that BR range my favourite.