Baz Meshupar no TWS no radar HMS slaving no Israeli munitions no Python 4

Lofting improvements for the Derby/R-Darter are on live now.

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Loft reduction might decrease range
Isnt it?

its lofting was too aggressive and would cause it to go into space and overshoot the target.

Overshoot only if close, but now ot have worser range

they may have a slightly lower range but how aggressive they were lofting they would reach the target, even at far range.

Main trouble in that how loft worksin wt
Ofc, missile will not loft at 3 NMI
And will loft at 10 nmi pretty aggressive

The Derby before this patch pitched up at a 20+ degree angle, this caused it to not be able to track onto the target because it would be directly over the target sometimes 3,000m+. It was practically unusable at 20+km and even less in some circumstances.

In theory now worser

At long range it would be 30 degrees in the files on release

The issue though is that the derby would start it’s decent way to late and overshoot the target and trying to hit at an 80 (eyeballing) degree angle above and missing
Edit: Apperently the loft is 7.5 degrees now so the missile is joever :(

Gaijin stopped using the bug reports site and they’ve been quite clear that posting bug reports should be done on the forum, not that site.

i wasnt too sure, i was just kinda taking a guess, glad its not doing that anymore.


Now, if they dont use the bug report site, why does it still exist if they just use the forums instead?

Why do the old forums exist?

the issue site is still used, and reports are still fixed from the site, seen in patch notes.

I’ve written many bug reports. They have a bot closing reports automatically to discourage people from writing bug reports. I can confirm that they never really deal with reports written there.

Meanwhile if people write bug reports on the forum, most times there’s an official response.

You really think that’s how this works?
Whenever Gaijin identify a bug they WANT to fix, they just fix it, go to the bug report site, search for something similar, and tag it as “open” and then “fixed”.

btw they kinda work like that irl since they dont have a powerful motor just like the aim 120 hence why they loft high to have a standoff until the target is at a certain range then dives down on target going mach 4
honestly they only had to fix the radar for the derby so it doesnt lose lock too easily and make it a little less draggy so it can gain speed on when diving on target
they also sorta fixed them before they nerfed the lofting
now it wiggles for no reason

That means your reports don’t follow the rules.

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