Banned by username

I know I’m annoying but I can’t solve my ban. I changed the name according to the instructions, but I can’t connect to the game master because it gives me the error “An error occurred: You must play battles in game, in order to be able to post”, I play the game every day. I was registered as cholesterol1 as far as I remember, now it’s changed to fort knox. when I was blocked, I had the name fck game in the game but I can’t change it when I can’t get into the game. please advise how I should proceed and solve the problem with the ban.

You will not get help with bans in the forum. You need to contact a GM or send in a support ticket.

Yes, you already started another thread about this, so this one here is unnecessary.

As I said, contact me please via PM so we can sort it out.

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sorry, but I want to contact you, but when I want to send a message, it writes me the error “An error occurred: You must play battles in game, in order to be able to post” and does not send me the message. I can’t move on because I can’t send a message to the GM.


I can’t send a message to the GM for this

He can’t, that is his issue, he can’t send PM’s.

and why can’t I send PM?

Because this specific account you use have no games played on it.

i’m guessing that the other account that got name-banned can’t play games so you have the same issue there.
or have you just accidentally created a new forum account instead of logging in with the other game account?

the blocked account has played 2778 hours, I played on it almost every day … there is another account on this computer, but it is not me who plays, but another person. there are 3 accounts on steam on this computer, but the 3 account WT does not play. I logged in under the one that is blocked. I normally play that one, not someone else.

Ok, checked the account fck game: The name obviously is not ok, and must be changed.

Please change the name and let me know (here…) once it’s done, I can then check and unblock it.

according to himself (in the main post) he has changed it?

It’s still showing as not changed. He should contact me via PM, not from the account he created here, but the account which is banned in-game, and which as he says should have a new name now.

Or at the very least, I need the new name so I can check if it’s connected to his account…

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you are right, the account has been registered since April 2, 2024, so it thinks that it is not played on. now I’m completely lost because I don’t even know how to log in to have a blocked account pinned. I’m not proficient in PC things, I don’t know if I can solve it somehow.

you use the same exact login information on the forum as you do when you login to the game.

if you click on my name here you should see things like the squad i’m in, how many battles i have done and so on. so its the same account as the game one.

Please do not spam forum with multiple threads on same issue.
Please use your initial thread.

All you need to do is log in with your regular game account and send a PM to Game Master.

If you still have problems, please continue in previous thread.