(I don’t know if I’m addressing there) Good day everyone. I had a situation. I played war thunder for about 2 years. In the last 2 months, I started playing periodically and even at work (since there was no work). One day I go into the game, start a battle, drive probably halfway, and a sign appears in the menu with a ban for unsportsmanlike behavior. When I contacted technical support, I was told that we do not disclose anything, WE HAVE RECEIVED A NOTIFICATION FROM ANTI-CHEAT, we checked it manually and made a verdict. Please contact easy anti-cheat. I contacted them and they told me that there had never been any requests, bans, etc. on my account. After contacting technical support again, they told me: what should they do with this information? There will be no appeal. I don’t write in the chat when playing, I don’t have symbols, I don’t have cheats, I even thought for a long time that this was a software problem with the compatibility of my sound card (I had a similar problem with the same anti-cheat only in the halo game, but support there responded promptly ) (and the same problem was in the game Valorant, and it still exists, but I can play) Sonic Studio 3. The point with bot farming was also considered, since at work I play not alone, but with a colleague during vacation (on in fact with 1 IP) and the same thing with the same colleague-friend at his place or at my place. (by the way, after my ban, he logged into his account from his laptop while flying in the hangar, logged into his account from my computer (since it is more powerful, and got the ban too). I would like to understand the situation and understand the reason for the ban.

Please check this topic: Who is who and Reporting Procedure - #4
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